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Comedian, rapper and all-round sensation Michael Dapaah (aka Big Shaq) joins Karen Gabay (BBC radio host and TV producer) to discuss how he gets his message to the masses: whether communicating with his 1.4million Instagram followers, the 325 million viewers of his viral music video Man’s Not Hot, or the hundreds of thousands of fans who tune into his YouTube mockumentary series #SWIL (Somewhere In London).

Supported by Wellcome.

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In 2018, the UK’s Ministry of Loneliness was installed to combat the issue of isolation. Generation Z has been singled out as ‘the loneliest generation’, with social media’s effects often receiving the blame. Chaired by mental health expert and academic Dr Chris Blackmore from the University of Sheffield, a panel of filmmakers from the 2019 programme, whose films explore the issue of loneliness in a hyper connected world, discuss this very modern phenomena and the complicated relationship between social media and feelings of loneliness.

The session was produced by Lena Nistch. 

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UK film policy is almost entirely geared towards fiction, while the unique challenges facing the documentary sector are overlooked. It’s high-time the UK had a bespoke policy framework to support its documentary makers. What kinds of interventions are needed? How should they be developed? This session invites panelists and audience members alike to collectively brainstorm demands to better meet the needs of theatrical docs. The session is part of ‘UK Feature Docs’, an AHRC-funded study of the UK’s feature-length film industry being undertaken at the University of West England, and led by Dr Steve Presence, who chairs the discussion. Findings of this study will be published on 11 June 2020. 

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So you’ve got brilliant, hard-won access, now what? With fiercer competition for audiences, it’s what you do with that access that’s all important. We explore the ingredients needed for a hit series – from the inspiration behind the idea, to innovative approaches to storytelling. What are the secrets of turning access into a returnable brand, delivering compelling stories across platforms and pulling in the ever-elusive young audience?

Chaired by Mobeen Azhar with Colin Barr (Expectation), David Hodgkinson (Blast Films), Clare Sillery (BBC), Sophie Leonard (Minnow) and Nick Hornby (Optomen).

The session was produced by Catriona White (BBC) and Max Gogarty (BBC) and supported by the BBC

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This session from Doc/Fest 2019 explores the resurgence of archive and testimony in history filmmaking, with a panel of producers and contributors from some of the BBC’s most successful projects. The panellists discuss the opportunities afforded by the interplay between archive and testimony; why this mode of storytelling is back in full force and the ethical lines in films of this kind.

Chaired by Tom McDonald (BBC) with David Glover (72 Films), Liza Williams (Wall to Wall), Steve Condi (exec producer) and Mat Bickley (contrib.Stephen: The Murder that Changed a Nation).

The session was produced by Nancy Bornat (Wall to Wall) and was supported by the BBC.

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How do documentary filmmakers tackle the most taboo of subjects and tell stories that can’t be shared openly, while respecting the ethical, legal and personal sensitivities of the people involved?

This session from Doc/Fest 2019 explores radical and hybrid formats in bringing such subjects to screen, and the innovative techniques used by directors working in film and TV.

The session was chaired by Krishan Arora with Collete Camden (dir. Married to a Paedophile) and Carl Javér (dir. Reconstructing Utøya).

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Highlighting their priorities, leading commissioners talk about forthcoming commissioning opportunities as they take part in Doc/Fest's version of Question Time. Commenting on recent successes, they discuss the changing landscape, the renewed focus on diversity and how producers can keep innovating for their channels. With a spotlight on relationships and with audience questions throughout, this is your chance to really get to know some of the UK’s most prolific commissioners. The session is chaired by David Glover (72 Films) and features Jo Clinton-Davis (ITV), Daniel Horan (Channel 4), Clare Sillery (BBC) and Guy Davies (C4). It was produced by the team at Hey Sonny Films.

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Pursuing a career in Film or TV can be a daunting experience, and in the early stages of doing so it’s easy to feel that those around us find success with impossible ease. A panel of Film and TV professionals explore the highs and lows of their own journeys into the industry, offering insights from their experiences and discuss overcoming the obstacles and creating the opportunities that brought them to where they are today. Supported by BAFTA Chaired by Emma Morgan (Firecracker) with Ellie Flynn, Lizzie Kempton and Eliza Capai. The session was produced by Oriana Franceschi.

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With everything solid melting into air, and the documentary landscape never more varied and complex, this panel asks leading commissioners, funders & distributors: how do independent filmmakers get creative feature length documentary work made and seen today? In a panel from Doc/Fest 2019 filmmaker Rajesh Thind (Pindu Productions) talks to some of the big players in the feature doc market about what they are looking for, why they love the films they fund, and the advice they can offer to both emerging & established talent taking on the challenges of making feature length work. The panel features Mandy Chang (BBC Storyville), Lisa Marie Russo (Doc Society) and Ana Vincente (Dogwoof).

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We explore the craft of directing through films that focus on a central character. Taking us deep into their films and filmic method, 2 directors explore approaches to character, the relationship at work, and what happens if it goes wrong? Chaired by Krishan Arora (SBS) and featuring Jeanie Finlay (Seahorse: The Dad Who Gave Birth) and Tim Travers Hawkins (XY Chelsea). Supported by Documentary Campus as part of the 2019 Craft Summit at Sheffield Doc/Fest.

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In 2018, socio-economic inequality in the television and film industry became National news, when the Panic! report revealed that the industry was becoming less welcoming to talent from working class backgrounds. Much lip-service was paid to improving access in the months that followed, but what has really changed in a year? Our panel of filmmakers and commissioners discuss their experiences of making it in the industry without connections, a trust fund or private school education.

Chaired by journalist and broadcaster Danny Leigh with Fiona Campbell (Controller of BBC3), filmmakers Paul Sng, Billie Porter and Victoria Musguin-Rowe, and journalist Kieren Yates.

The session was produced by Victoria Musguin-Rowe.

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Since forming the seminal hip-hop group London Posse in 1987, Rodney P has been widely regarded as the Godfather of British hip-hop, and has collaborated with a diverse range of artists including Omar, Roni Size, Nitin Sawhney and Björk.

More recently Rodney has authored a number of documentaries exploring both British and global music culture, including The Hip Hop World News, The Last Pirates – Britain’s Rebel DJs and Bass, Beats and Bars - The Story of Grime, offering an alternative historical perspective to recent music phenomena.

Rodney, along with Creative Director Jaimie D'Cruz (Acme Films), talks to Lawrence Lartey (Creative Director of the CreativeLab at Ravensbourne University) about his musical and documentary career and future plans.

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In twenty years of directing documentaries for Channel 4 and the BBC, Paddy Wivell has made a name for himself for the seemingly effortless and compassionate way he connects with his subjects, from African tribes to Orthodox Jews and psychiatric inpatients in Bafta award-winning Bedlam. Described by The Times as “a filmmaker of such exceptional talent, so gifted and unassuming, that you scarcely notice how accomplished he is”, Paddy creates a warmth and intimacy with all his contributors, a skill on display in his double BAFTA nominated three-parter for Channel 4, Prison. Paddy embeds himself on the wings and landings of HMP Durham to capture up close the lives of inmates doing battle with a skeleton staff struggling to cope a with constantly revolving population of over 1000 men.

Paddy talks to Simon Dickson, Creative Director and Co-founder at Label 1, about the films that have shaped his career and his uniquely personal style.

Supported by Channel 4

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Chidera Eggerue preaches her messages of self-love and body positivity to thousands on her blog, The Slumflower, and with hugely successful campaigns like #saggyboobsmatter. Her 2018 debut book, What a Time to be Alone, quickly became a top 10 best-seller and her second book, Scribble Yourself Feminist – a collaboration with illustrator Manjit Thapp – is an interactive and empowering journal addressing #everydaysexism. We welcomed Chidera to Doc/Fest for the first time, to discuss her campaigning work and early plans for her new documentary for Channel 4, which questions our homogenised ideals of beauty.

The session was chaired by the Guardian journalist Leah Green and featured both Chidera and documentary producer Lucy Pilkington (Milk & Honey).

Supported by Channel 4 and produced by Sarah El'Taki

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The Academy Award and multi BAFTA-winning filmmaker, Asif Kapadia, elevated the art of archive documentaries with Amy and Senna, films which were both critically acclaimed and box office hits. His latest film Diego Maradona, explores the life of one of the world’s most iconic sportsmen.

In conversation with Mariayah Kaderbhai, Head of Programmes at BAFTA, Asif discusses the making of Diego Maradona, as well as his other films and inspirations, his artistic process and his personal connection to his work

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Having cut his teeth on the investigative documentary strand World in Action, known for its forceful and unorthodox journalistic approach, Paul Greengrass has become one of the world’s most popular filmmakers. His films, which often explore real-world anxieties and confront both social and political issues, include 22 July, three of the Jason Bourne franchise, Captain Phillips, United 93 and Bloody Sunday. In conversation with journalist and broadcaster Danny Leigh at Doc/Fest 2019, Paul discusses his journey from TV documentaries in the UK to feature films in Hollywood, the evolution of his signature vérité-style, and his thoughts on the need to open up the film industry to less privileged and working class talent to ensure future creative diversity.

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Filmmaker and ‘cosmic archaeologist' Jenn Nkiru is one of the UK’s most exciting directors, with a unique and distinctive visual style. Her films are powerful explorations of black identity including commissions for Nowness, Frieze, Gucci and Channel 4.

She has also collaborated on projects with Beyonce, Jay-Z and Kamasi Washington, and was a founding curator of Boiler Room’s video platform 4:3, alongside Elijah Wood, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Peaches.

In this talk from Sheffield Doc/Fest 2019 Jenn talks to Amar Ediriwira, Boiler Room's Acquisitions Director and Film Curator, and head of its video platform 4:3. They discuss her work as an artist and filmmaker, including new archive-based short BLACK TO TECHNO, which explores the origins and impact of the Detroit techno scene.

Produced by Carmen Thompson.

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Arguably one of the greatest living filmmakers, who battled Klaus Kinski on the set of Aguirre, Wrath of God, dragged a ship over a hill for Fitzcarraldo and famously ate his own shoe on film after a losing bet, came to Doc/Fest 2019 to discuss his acclaimed career with broadcaster Edith Bowman.

Supported by BBC Arts

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We welcomed BAFTA-winning actor Vicky McClure, star of This is England (produced by Sheffield based Warp Films), as well as Line of Duty and Broadchurch, to Sheffield Doc/Fest for the first time in 2018, to discuss her new BBC series, Vicky McClure: My Dementia Choir, produced by Curve, a deeply personal journey to discover the extent of music's power to fight dementia. For the series, Nottingham born Vicky, who has close personal experience of dementia through caring for her grandmother, joined forces with the University of Nottingham to form a unique choir for one unforgettable performance. Vicky discusses the making of the programmes, her role with the Alzheimer's Society and the ambition to leave a lasting legacy in our understanding of how music therapy can help people with dementia. 

Supported by BBC

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From the Syrian conflict to Black Lives Matter; now more than ever there is an urgency for stories told by less represented and authentic voices emerging from affected communities. Getting access to a community not your own, to spend a few days filming on the ground, is widely considered ‘extractive’ storytelling. Can extended integration with protagonists truly embed a filmmaker with their subject's experience? What does it take to tell an ‘authentic’ story?

A panel of filmmakers at Sheffield Doc/Fest 2018 share their own experiences of extractive vs authentic storytelling.

Chaired by Anca Dimofte (Frontline Club) with filmmakers Molly Dineen, Leon Oldstrong and Deeyah Khan. Filmed by Sheffield Hallam University students and edited by Matthew Sturdy (Cosmic Joke).

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Allegations against Harvey Weinstein and numerous others exposed a deeply troubling side to the film and TV industry.

Following the birth of the ground-breaking anti-sexual assault and women's empowerment movements #MeToo and #TimesUp, we debate how the industry is responding.

Chaired by Natasha Moore (Directors UK) with Tim Hunter (BAFTA), Jane Merkin, Billie JD Porter, Natasha Dack (Tigerlily) and Fiona Campbell (BBC). Supported by Directors UK

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One of our favourite talks from the 2018 festival: Charlotte Moore, Director of Content at the BBC, interviews public intellectual, feminist, author and television presenter Mary Beard.

In her trademark accessible style, Britain's best-known classicist discusses her broadcasting career as well as her most recent book, Women & Power: A Manifesto, hailed as a modern feminist classic. 

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Poverty in the UK is increasing for the first time in two decades. We are seeing more people struggling to make ends meet. Does television set out accurately the complexities of living in poverty, or too crudely as either a deserving economic victim or undeserving ‘scrounger’? How can we tell more accurate stories of poverty to skeptical audiences, for a fuller debate and actions?

A panel from Sheffield Doc/Fest 2018 debate these questions and more. Chaired by Poppy Noor (The Guardian) with the writer Jack Monroe, the filmmakers Mark Raphael and Daisy-May Hudson and Chief Executive of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Campbell Robb.

Supported by JRF and Guardian

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Britain's hottest young entrepreneur Jamal Edwards, founded YouTube-based SBTV in 2006 with a self-recorded grainy rap battle. Now hailed as one of the most important digital youth culture platforms, SBTV boasts over 950,000 subscribers and 600+ million views and has launched the careers of countless UK grime and hip-hop artists. On a mission to break the stigma around mental illness, Jamal talks to Jolyon Rubinstein (The Revolution Will Be Televised) about his influential career, his recent documentary exploring mental health and his future plans for SBTV and beyond.

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This interactive and probing session uses the experience of a psychologist to gain insight into the art of directing actuality, the portrayal of character and examine whether we can ever get too close to the subject in documentaries.

Moderated by Krishan Arora with Sean Mcallister, Bernadett Tuza-Ritter, Geoff Beattie and Stephen Arnott.

Part of the 2018 Craft Summit at Sheffield Doc/Fest presented by Documentary Campus.

Visit our website:

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Self-taught photographer and filmmaker, Khalik Allah's profoundly personal work has been described as "street opera"; visceral, haunting and honest. Having previously worked with Wu-Tang Clan and Mobb Deep, Khalik's feature debut Field Niggas, garnered critical acclaim from the cultural press and his follow up Black Mother received its UK premier at Sheffield Doc/Fest. Khalik talks to film programmer Ashley Clark, about his work as an artist and the creation of a unique and daring film language and aesthetic.



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Film and TV professionals at varying stages in their career discuss the successes (and challenges) that paved their way into the industry. With a panel made up of two BAFTA Breakthrough Brits, the Creative Producer of two award-winning feature documentaries, and a true innovator working in short-form, this panel is a must for anyone looking for advice on how to get their work made, and seen.

The session is chaired by Ade Rawcliffe (ITV) and includes filmmakers and producers; Elhum Shakerifar, Ayo Akingbade , Lucy Cohen and Ed Perkins.

Supported by BAFTA

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Factual television is not an equal playing field. Women, ethnic minorities and those from a working class background are underrepresented in the industry. Apanel of commissioners and creators discuss the obstacles facing the factual industry in creating a truly diverse work force that represents and reflects Britain.

Moderated by Anne Morrison with Ramy El-Bergamy (Channel 4, Diversity), Clare Richards (filmmaker), Jaimie D'Cruz (Acme Films), Tom McDonald (BBC, Specialist Factual) and Rita Daniels (Channel 4, Factual).

Supported by Channel 4

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Matthew Heineman, the BAFTA- and Oscar- nominated director, is one of the most exciting documentary filmmakers working today. His films City of Ghosts and Cartel Land offered searing comment on the fight against ISIS and the war on drugs. In conversation with Mariayah Kaderbhai (BAFTA) Matthew discusses these films and his latest documentary series The Trade depicting the US heroin epidemic. Supported by BAFTA.

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Are we entering a new "Golden Age" for feature documentary? Will new funding sources create a flurry of blockbuster features, or is cinema exhibition inexorably declining as audiences ‘Netflix and chill’? The rising power of SVOD platforms opens up new audiences and revenue streams, but may also be skewing the market towards over-long, sensational documentaries based on profit algorithms. A panel explore who's got the money and whether today's market prioritises “Films that do Well" over “Films that do Good.”


Chaired by Rajesh Thind with Kim Christiansen (Danish Broadcasting Corporation), Mandy Chang (BBC Storyville), Elhum Shakerifar (producer) and Lisa Marie Russo (Doc Society)

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As both a high-profile activist and an international model, Munroe Bergdorf's experiences as a transgender woman remain the driving force behind her work. Voted 8th in Pride Power's Top 100 List 2017 Munroe uses her public platform to campaign for and support the trans community worldwide, and all those who define as 'women'. She joined us in conversation to discuss her work, her activism, and her recent documentary What Makes a Woman ?(Antidote Productions) for Channel 4.

The talk was chaired by Liv Wynter and included Munroe and Laura Jones from Antidote Productions.


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Sheffield Doc/Fest and Channel 4 welcomed the Grimsby-born, TV adventurer, record breaker, motorcycle racer and lorry mechanic to the Festival for the first time. With inspirational documentaries, produced by North One, spanning world speed records, Formula 1 motor racing, the Wall of Death and his First World War tank build, the enigmatic Guy Martin talked to Suzi Perry about his celebrated TV career and beyond. Supported by Channel 4

Visit our website:

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Doc/Fest and Sky were delighted to welcome Sir Lenny Henry to the 2017 Festival. In conversation with June Sarpong, the celebrated comedian and actor discussed his game-changing career, his documentary work for Sky Arts and his drive to make change in the fields of arts, diversity and to tackle poverty through the charity Comic Relief. Supported by Sky

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Sheffield Doc/Fest was thrilled to welcome the acclaimed Salford-based actress and writer Maxine Peake to the Festival for the first time. Talking to Guardian journalist Simon Hattenstone Maxine discussed her love of documentary film and those docs that have inspired her life, her sense of humour, work and politics, including Andrew Kotting's idiosyncratic documentary Gallivant, The Alcohol Years by Carol Morley, Ray Müller's biographical doc about the German filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl, The Wonderful Horrible Life of Leni Riefenstahl and the classic British doc The Moon and The Sledge Hammer by Philip Trevelyan.

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Viewing of high quality factual TV content online has had a massive explosion in the last 18 months – with documentaries attracting millions of global viewers, but as a UK production company or an independent documentary maker, is online production really worth your time? A leading online producers and commissioners from YouTube, the BBC and National Geographic explore what makes a hit, why online production is creatively exciting, how to make money out of new content – and how to exploit the content you already have. 

Supported by Little Dot Studios

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In these strange times with "the media” under attack in the West, there’s an urgent need for trustworthy storytelling that responds to current events – and documentary filmmakers are increasingly a part of this. As news organisations invest more in video, many are drawing on documentary techniques - following the best of TV news. How are some of the big names in journalism combining the narrative demands of documentary with the need for balance, objectivity, and fairness? How do editors sourcing stories around the world make sure they aren’t commissioning “fake news”?

The session was chaired by Liz Mermin (Thomson Reuters Foundation) and featured Charlotte Cook (Field of Vision), Dorothy Byrne (Channel 4 News), David Alter (Economist Films) and Charlie Phillips (Guardian).

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A distinguished panel from the world of film, media and politics discuss the rise of populism, ‘echo chambers’ and question how open we all are to contrary points of view in today’s media. 

The session was chaired by William Horsley and the panel featured Charlene White (ITV News), Sara Ramsden (Channel 4), Trevor Phillips OBE, Martin Durkin and Jolyon Rubinstein. 

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Filmmakers and commissioners at the 2017 Festival discuss the creative impact of Brexit on documentary-making in Britain. A year after Britain voted to leave Europe, we ask how best to represent the voices of those on both sides of the divide, and whether what we see on our screens is changing as a result of the triumph of the Brexiteers. 


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Should Specialist Factual be a genre that takes more risks? With broadcast giants like Netflix and Amazon changing the landscape of TV, taking risks and winning big, how should terrestrial and cable channels be responding? Is it time for specialist factual to serve a different purpose?

Ninder Billing chairs a panel from Sheffield Doc/Fest 2017 featuring Lucy Willis (Channel 5), Ed Sayer (Discovery), Hamish Mykura (National Geographic), Tom McDonald (BBC) and John Hay (Channel 4).

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Acclaimed director and artist Peter Greenaway is widely regarded as one of the most important innovators of our time. His work stretches back to the 1960s and includes the feature The Cook the Thief his Wife her Lover and the multimedia project The Tulse Luper Suitcases. Peter came to Sheffield Doc/Fest 2017 to discuss his work and explore the changing language of film and cinema.

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How do different commissioners define a feature documentary? Is it based on viewer expectations, the importance of the central issue or simply its duration? Is a deeper level of access, revelation or visual ambition a must too? With feature docs available to consumers from an ever-increasing number of sources, what new opportunities does this offer to producers? And with linear TV and its duration restrictions put to one side, could the definition “feature doc” be about to disappear? A panel from Sheffield Doc/Fest 2017 explore these questions and more.

Chaired by Paul Ashton (Creative England) the panel featured  Al Brown (Vice), Jutta Krug (WDR/ ARD), Hajnal Molnar (Sundance Institute) and John Van Wyck (Cinereach).

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There is a new vanguard in our media culture. A growing pool of talented and experienced women, tired of waiting for the film and TV industry to reach the 21st century, are driving it forward themselves. The voices of working mothers, and female perspectives in general, are being lost in the current industry climate. The women on this panel from Sheffield Doc/Fest 2017 are forging ahead with new business models and new ways of working that suit their lives, their choices and their careers.

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In a career spanning more than four decades, Nick Broomfield is one of the most influential documentary makers of our time. Having initially carved his name in hard hitting observational fare, when ‘Driving me Crazy’ went awry in 1988 Nick decided to place himself in the story, going on to make a number of acclaimed films including Biggie and Tupac, Aileen Wuornos: The Selling of A Serial Killer and Kurt & Courtney. Nick returned to Doc/Fest 2017 with the much anticipated Whitney ‘Can I Be Me’. Louis Theroux, himself no stranger to being centre of the action, talks to Nick about his new film and looks back at his career.

Supported by BBC 

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Documentaries about the LGBT community have broken into the mainstream. Films like My Transexual Summer, Gay and Under Attack and Girls to Men have told a diverse range of stories. While some of these were celebrated, others were accused of being voyeuristic and exploitative. So what is the attitude of broadcasters, programme-makers and the film industry towards gender identity and sexuality, and is there any diversity behind the camera?

A panel chaired by Theresa Health and including Bill-Joe Newington, Jes Wilkins, Twiggy Pucci Garcon and Fox Fisher discuss.

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Doc/Fest welcomed cricketing legend and former England captain, along with journalist and co-presenter Robert Penn, to the 2016 Festival, to talk about their popular series for Sky 1; ‘Flintoff: Lord of the Fries’ and ‘Freddie Fries Again’. Freddie and Rob discuss the making of the series that saw them traveling the UK and Ireland in their mobile fish and chip van, through stunning locations, meeting a host of characters, serving up fried delights to the friends they made and how their own friendship was tested to the limit.

The talk was chaired by comedian and presenter Mark Dolan.

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Doc/fest were thrilled to welcome Olly Alexander, frontman of the British electronica trio Years and Years to the Festival to discuss the making of his first documentary 'Olly Alexander: Growing Up Gay’. The film has recently screened on BBC3 as part of the BBC's Gay Britannia season marking the 50th anniversary of the Sexual Offences Act 1967 that partially decriminalised homosexual acts in England and Wales. In the documentary, Olly explores why the gay community can be more vulnerable to mental health issues, as he opens up about his own long-term battles with depression. The film produced by Antidote Productions, the company behind the critically acclaimed Professor Green: Suicide and Me for BBC Three. Olly was joined by Lelia Monks and Vicki Cooper from Antidote who talked to Damian Kavanagh, the controller of BBC3.

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Talking to BBC Radio 4 Film Programme presenter Francine Stock, renowned filmmakers and Academy Award-winners D.A. Pennebaker and Chris Hegedus discuss their latest film Unlocking the Cage, as well as look back over a body of work spanning 40 years.

Supported by BBC Storyville.

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Continuing the recent trend of aggressive M&A activity, streaming giants Netflix and Amazon snapped up a wealth of documentary content at this year’s Sundance festival in January. With the US, still a major export territory for UK content producers what do these continued shifts in commissioning sources and distribution platforms mean for the UK industry?

A panel from Doc/Fest 2017, including UK producers and US distributors and broadcasters, explore current and highlight future trends, providing valuable insight into the world’s biggest marketplace.

The panel was chaired by Mark Leaver (DIT) and included Simon Chinn (Lightbox), Ben Braun (Submarine), Molly Thompson (A&E IndieFilms) and Marie Nelson (PBS).

Supported by DIT.

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Ian Hislop, the editor of the satirical news magazine Private Eye and team captain on Have I Got News for You, came to Sheffield Doc/Fest for the first time. In conversation with the BAFTA winning actor and satirist Jolyon Rubinstein (The Revolution Will be Televised, Revolting), Ian explored the role that satire plays in documenting our world and getting to the truth, as well as discussing his new documentary exploring immigration.

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Professor Green, Stephen Manderson to his friends, came to Doc/Fest to talk about his film work for BBC3; intensely personal portraits of difficult subjects like male suicide and homelessness.

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With Netflix & Amazon making bold moves into the documentary space, what does this mean for an already cluttered international market? Is exclusive access and strong storytelling still enough, or do new documentary commissions need to offer something more? Is there a risk that in doing so, the authenticity of the genre takes second place to marketing and publicity demands? Or is it just the natural evolution of the genre?

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Sheffield Doc/Fest and Channel 4 welcomed Oscar-winning director Michael Moore back to Sheffield, 18 years after his first visit. Voted one of “The World’s 100 Most Influential People” by Time Magazine, he is widely regarded as one of the most important filmmakers working in documentary. Michael talks to Ralph Lee, Deputy Chief Creative Officer at Channel 4, about his latest film, Where to Invade Next?. which opened this year's Festival, as well as looking back over his hugely successful career.

Supported by Channel 4.

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This Sheffield Doc/Fest 2016 session explores the ways that filmmakers and artists are combining archive and new technologies to engage audiences across TV, cinema, VR, galleries and exhibition spaces, and what the future holds for film heritage. The panel was chaired by Rebekah Polding (BAFTA) and included Dr Stephen Smith (USC Shoah Foundation), Catherine Allen (Easter Rising: Voice of a Rebel) and Lindsey Hanlon (BBC). The session was supported by Creative Skillset. 

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Dr Stephen Smith’s keynote talk at the Alternate Realties Summit showcased New Dimensions in Testimony; ground-breaking natural language software that allows audiences to have a “virtual encounter” with the recorded image of Holocaust survivor, Pinchas Gutter, who responds in real time, powered by complex algorithms providing realistic conversation. Dr Smith discussed how he and his team compile the complex audio and visual data for this project, which will transform storytelling and archives of the future. 

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 How do filmmakers capture political struggles? What challenges do filmmakers face in making politically-committed documentaries? How can radical films connect with audiences? This session, from Sheffield Doc/Fest 2016 explores different approaches to political filmmaking taking place in the UK, Egypt and Greece, from video-activism and feature documentary to interactive formats and fiction/documentary hybrids. The session was chaired by Steve Presence and featured Shaun Dey, Aris Chatzistefanou, Alisa Lebow, Usayd Younis and Cassie Quarless. 

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It’s a golden age for theatrical documentaries with new forms of distribution and exhibition easing the way while audience appetites for watching documentaries on the big screen have never been stronger. This session, from Sheffield Doc/Fest 2016, focused on different avenues for getting theatrical documentaries funded and distributed. The session was chaired by Claire Aguilar and the expert panel included Simon Chinn (Red Box Films), Ollie Harbottle (Dogwoof), John Hoffman (Discovery), Kate Townsend (BBC Storyville) and Elizabeth Wood (Bertha DocHouse). 

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Following the UK Premiere, the Notes on Blindness team shared insights on creating and distributing film and virtual reality together for the first time. From early conversations at Doc/Fest’s MeetMarket to touring the project across the UK, its creators, funders and distributors discuss the challenges in building a successful model for funding and touring cinema and VR together.

Supported by BFI Film Audience Network’s This Way Up fund.

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Following a kaleidoscope of strong personalities around the table in the 70s and 80s, the realm of snooker became a somewhat homogenised place following the introduction of corporate sponsorship and media training in the 1990s. Enter Ronnie O 'Sullivan - the some might say maverick, all would say phenomenally gifted player, he won 5 World Championship titles at Sheffield's Crucible Theatre and refused to fit in to the neat little box assigned to sports personalities. Not one to rest on his laurels, O'Sullivan continued to challenge himself professionally - teaching himself to play left handed and winning and personally - expressing an interest in religion and spirituality which led to many a raised eyebrow in the media. Never hiding the fact that he had come from an imperfect background and daring to be critical of the snooker world at large, Ronnie The Rocket has always been both an incredible player to watch and a fascinating public figure to follow in the modern world of sport. Sheffield Doc/Fest was delighted to welcome Ronnie back to The Crucible in a completely new way: talking with Guardian Journalist Simon Hattenstone, Ronnie revealed for the very first time the documentaries that have inspired him throughout his life and snooker career.

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Archive is an essential tool in the documentarians’ toolbox. In this masterclass from Sheffield Doc/Fest 2016 we hear from filmmakers from both film and television who have creatively used archive footage to tell their stories. Chaired by Katy McGahan from the BFI, the panel included Aaron Brookner (Director, Uncle Howard), Paul Bell (Archive Producer, Amy and Senna) and Simon Young (National Geographic). They discussed how archive can be used in storytelling, how to make archive footage resonate with an audience and explored the relationship between director and archive producer.

Supported by BAFTA and Creative Skillset.


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Doc/Fest and ITV were thrilled to welcome a true legend to the 2016 festival: Joanna Lumley OBE. The celebrated actor, documentarian and campaigner came to Sheffield to talk about her esteemed and exciting career in TV and film. Her documentary work has included epic journeys to discover diverse cultures and continents and intimate portraits of pop icons from Elvis to Born in Kashmir, Joanna began her professional life as a model, before moving into acting, including unforgettable performances in The Avengers and Absolutely Fabulous. In conversation with journalist and news reader Sir Alastair Stewart, Joanna discussed her experiences on films such as Joanna Lumley’s Trans-Siberian Adventure, the Northern Lights and Nile, as well her future documentary work.

Supported by ITV


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The film industry is notoriously difficult to break into. A panel  of emerging filmmakers and professionals including Alice Hughes, Phillip Wood, Magali Pettier, Daisy-May Hudson each have a story to tell as to how they did just this and give insight into the lifecycle of a film from development to distribution, and advice on how first time filmmakers get noticed and get their films seen. Chaired by Charlie Lyne.


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Broadcaster, actor, writer and director, Reggie Yates is one of TVs most exciting talents. His recent documentaries for BBC3: perceptive, thoughtful explorations of important issues, take in some of the world’s most divided societies. In conversation with Patrick Holland, Head of Documentaries at the BBC, Reggie discusses his career and share insights into future projects and ambitions.

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Sheffield Doc/Fest were absolutely thrilled to welcome world-renowned naturalist Sir David Attenborough to the Festival for the first time in 2016. Long established as the world’s leading natural history documentarian and presenter, Sir David’s long and celebrated career has also included the highest-level work off screen, as Controller of BBC2, and Director of Programmes across the BBC. He has been responsible for commissioning many innovative titles over the years, including the 13 part documentary television series The Ascent of Man. In 1966 he oversaw the introduction of colour television to Britain and in 1969 was responsible for clearing the BBC schedule for the moon landing.

Sir David discussed his long and illustrious career and talked about the future of television and media with Charlotte Moore, Controller of Channels and iPlayer for the BBC.

Supported by BBC


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Want to know the tricks of the trade for making your first documentary? Well this is the place to start. This session will cover the crucial areas for making your first feature documentary, looking at how to put your crew together, creative ways to raise a budget, how to make that all important taster video and how to gain access to that amazing story and pitch it. Hear firsthand from a range of young filmmakers who have managed to break through the industry. 

This session was part of the Film Nation: Shorts scheme, a competition that invites young people to make, and vote for, films celebrating the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Recorded at Doc/Fest 2011.

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What does it take to be a successful indie? How to stay around long term? Come and hear from some different companies. KEO Films, Storyvault Films and Century Films work mainly in the UK and World of Wonder works mainly in the USA> All have been making prime time TV for years and have chosen to remain independent rather than get bought by a super indie. What are the pros and cons of not selling to a studio or a super indie? Hear how they stay alive and thrive in today's landscape. From Doc/Fest 2014.

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Roger Graef OBE has been a leading figure in the TV documentary industry over the last 50 years. As a director, producer and executive producer, he has been responsible for more than 160 documentaries, a number of which have directly influenced policing, criminal justice and social policy. His pioneering contributions include developing the fly-on-the-wall technique and creating the first TV documentary co-production in the UK. Introduced by Brian Woods, Roger Graef is in conversation with Robyn Bright discussing the last half-century of documentary filmmaking in Britain, explored through a chronological selection of Roger’s landmark films.

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This session, from Sheffield DocFest 2104, looks at fact-based drama (examples: Argo, Last King of Scotland, Rush) vs docudrama (Dreams of a Life, The Imposter, Muhammad Ali's Greatest Fight). With the new UK tax credit designed to encourage drama, comedy and documentaries, how can documentary makers take advantage of it? When does it make sense to look at filming your story as a docudrama or as a fact-based drama? When do the facts get in the way of a good drama and vice-versa? Speakers include Penny Woolcock, Neil McKay, Tony Grisoni and Leslie Lee.

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A masterclass on the craft of documentary filmmaking with BAFTA-winning filmmaker Olly Lambert who was awarded the Current Affairs award at the 2104 Arqiva British Academy Television Awards for his film Syria: Across The Lines. Olly has also been awarded the BAFTA Scotland Documentary Series Award for The Great Game with Rory Stewart. Seen as one of the most accomplished filmmakers in factual today, Olly makes films about ordinary people caught in extraordinary situations, thoughtfully portraying their worlds with care and an honest intimacy, and often using their stories to shed light on international current affairs. As recipient of the 2014 Peter McGhee Fellowship award, Olly has been honoured as a filmmaker whose work reflects excellence, intelligence, fairness and scholarship. Grierson, Rory Peck and RTS-winning speaker Olly shares insights into his filmmaking from the perspective of journalist, director and cinematographer.

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How are we treating the intimate subject of sex and sexuality on TV? As we increasingly push the boundaries of what we can show on television, are certain subjects still invisible, misrepresented or taboo? Questioning the necessity of being explicit or provocative, our expert panel of leading documentary commissioners and filmmakers look at the changing attitudes towards sex, and their role in shaping our understanding of human sexuality, in all its forms. From female sexuality, to young people, bisexuality, pornography addiction, and on to the elderly, who remind us they're not quietly tucked up in bed. The panel includs Greg Sanderson, Sunny Bergman, Barbara Truyen, Sara Ramsden and Anna Rodgers.

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What happens when documentaries attract the attention of Hollywood? In 2014, some great British documentaries have crossed over to the movie business. Leading directors, producers and lawyers share their experiences. Havana Marking’s remarkable Smash and Grab: The Story of the Pink Panthers is now slated to be directed by Danny Boyle as a feature adaptation. Salma, the central contributor from Kim Longinotto’s acclaimed film of the same name, is doing a deal direct with a LA film producer for the rights to her story. And Peter Armstrong, Partner, Harbottle and Lewis has done several complex movie deals on high profile life story titles including Wikileaks, Julian Assange. We hear gripping accounts of the process and also discuss the ethics and rights when selling ‘real life’. Do documentaries and feature films make easy bed fellows…or is it a minefield?

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Chair of Arts Council England and TV innovator, Peter Bazalgette, has championed the importance of the arts to all sections of society, regardless of platform or geographical location, defending public funding of arts and culture for all.

In this session, Peter is interviewed by Anna Higgs, head of Film4.0, who asks him about where film and digital fit into ACE’s plans – in a cross-platform age, how do the traditional boundaries between art forms stand up? What’s the future for interactive and digital arts?

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Lee Kern brings his one-stop workshop designed to make even the most mediocre filmmakers a force to be reckoned with in the world of independent documentary filmmaking. How to crap on your peers, how to make your subjects cry on camera and then ditch them when you’ve finished – everything you need to know in order to make it to the top is here in this masterclass. You too can become king of the documentary crap heap!

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Want to know how to engage with audiences and create a sustainable career with new distribution and marketing possibilities? Come to this workshop and take a leap into the core principles of a new system of artistic entrepreneurship for filmmakers. Discover principles of audience identification, engagement, and asset creation, learn about integrating audience engagement into the filmmaking process, and be empowered to embark on a re-configuration of film products – events, merchandise, digital and interactive/immersive, all geared toward maximizing your goals as a filmmaker.

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Morgan Spurlock: The Greatest Masterclass Ever Sold


This masterclass offers the exciting opportunity to hear from the Academy Award-nominated documentary director, Morgan Spurlock, who made the international hit film Super Size Me (2004). Spurlock is here fresh off the release of his latest feature, The Greatest Movie Ever Sold (2011), about the practice of product placement in mainstream Hollywood cinema today. Listen to the voice of one of the most successful documentary filmmakers of the last decade as he talks about his successes, his failures, and what it takes to make it in the documentary world. 

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New Sounds in Radio Documentary


A great radio documentary burrows into the mind of the listener, conjuring a new reality between their ears to focus, challenge, or even distort their perception of the wider world. Jeremy Hardy and a panel of key figures from the world of radio documentary take a journey through the vibrant landscape of audio storytelling.

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Sue Perkins - My Life in Television


Sue Perkins began her career writing for Radio 4 and French and Saunders, before presenting her own live daily show, Light Lunch on Channel 4 with double act partner, Mel Giedroyc. Since then, she has become one of the most well known and loved faces of British Factual TV, with her wry humour being key to the success of The Great British Bake Off. She has been part of many immersive TV shows including the Supersizers series with Giles Coren, where she ate (and drank) her way through 5000 years of British history whilst wearing an extremely tight corset.  Sue regularly presents the BBCs coverage of the Edinburgh festival and has fronted numerous documentaries, including The Art on Your Wall, The Books we Read, Mrs Dickens and The Real Von Trapps. She appeared in Maestro, conducting a concert orchestra, has driven the Dalton Highway and The Ho Chi Minh trail in The World's Most Dangerous Roads, and is a regular face on BBC programming. Sue has just finished filming a six month epic adventure up the Mekong river, which will be broadcast on BBC2 in the summer. Sue will take us through her career in documentary, comedy and factual TV, including the secrets of why Bake Off has been such a cultural phenomenon.

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Adrian Anthony Gill is a columnist currently employed by of The Sunday Times and Vanity Fair. Abbreviating his name to A.A. Gill, he has garnered a reputation as one of the nation’s most salient satirists, but often at the cost of dividing opinion. By writing on issues such as race, sexuality and geopolitics, feeling on his pieces is almost antonymous – loved and hated; harmonious and disagreeable; sought after and avoided. In this interview, Gill is in conversation with Nick Fraser – editor of the hugely successful Storyville – and discusses the documentary form with his trademark candor and frankness.

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Tim Pool became an overnight online phenomenon the night Occupy Wall Street was first evicted from Zuccotti Park in New York City. His live stream marathon drew more than 20,000 simultaneous viewers and 250,000 unique visitors throughout the course of the day. Pool uses a smart phone with a taped sign reading "livestream" – and streams unfiltered, unedited footage. He invites the viewing public to join in by directly asking questions, which he responds to while reporting live. Tim discusses his experience as one of the most popular livestreamers in the world

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Brilliant Creatures: The Rebels of Oz with Germaine Greer

Brilliant Creatures: The Rebels of Oz with Germaine Greer

In the new BBC FOUR series produced in conjunction with Australia's ABC, 'Brilliant Creatures', Howard Jacobson charts the story of how, in the 1960's, four intellectual powerhouses 

Germaine Greer, Clive James, Barrie Humphries and Robert Hughes - emerged from down under and took the world by storm. After this screening of the first episode, Germaine Greer, in conversation with Howard Jacobson, recounts her own part in the tale, and her extraordinary career since.

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How are audiences engaging with content on different distribution platforms? What makes them approach one over another? And where does that leave ‘traditional’ television? This session explores the realities of what brings audiences in, what keeps them hooked, and what has them turning to a different screen, as well as the difference that content genre makes. This expert panel of leading commissioners, audience analysts and producers will share their unique and wide-ranging insights into how their projects have been consumed and how this is shaping the direction of content production to come.

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The factual TV sector has many entrepreneurial producers but there are very few creative producers in the UK and further afield who produce feature length docs with worldwide ambitions. Lots of filmmakers produce their own work - is this through choice or because they can't find someone to collaborate with? Is it due to a skills gap or a lack of interest in becoming a producer? Is there a lack of knowledge about what producers actually do (apart from trying to raise money!) and how people might get training and mentorship to learn. 

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Sheffield legend Michael Palin joins Miranda Sawyer at this unique chance to hear the English comedian, actor, writer and television presenter discuss his documentary journeys to all corners of the earth. What makes Michael’s documentaries so distinctive? What inspires him? And what does he hope his audiences get out of the programmes? Hear about what happens behind the scenes and how he prepares for the often dangerous adventures and unexpected situations. The audience will be invited to ask questions and join the conversation.
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Audio docs have become a breeding ground for amazing stories delivered in unique ways and has developed in to an area in which creators can explore and experiment. Through the output of Radio 4 and wealth of content from indies and NPR, documentaries are flourishing on radio, online and through podcasts and The Alternative World of Radio Docs aims to celebrate the best and most creative audio docs and question where the form will go in the future. 

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Looking for a little good news? Key European commissioning editors will share their latest news, present their current documentary editorial line, indicating any update or changes that would have a direct effect on their commissions - content-wise or other. Providing information on what they are looking for for the next 12 months and beyond, through clip examples of recent successes or simply of films that best convey their editorial line, they will offer realistic but positive news to the market. 

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Molly Dineen, one of Britain’s most acclaimed documentary filmmakers, is known for her intimate and probing portraits of British individuals and institutions – ranging from her debut film, Home from the Hill (1987), which made a star of its protagonist Colonel Hilary Hook to the BAFTA-winning Lie of the Land (2007), which explores the harsh realities of life as a British farmer. In this session, Molly will share over 20 years of experience in making documentaries; discussing, among other things, how her style and approach have developed and explaining why she’s not a ‘fly-on-the-wall’.

Direct download: Molly_Dineen_2011.mp3
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The director’s role is becoming more fragmented in some factual programmes. Programmes are increasingly made to conform to strict pre-set formats with less room for distinct and innovative authors’ voices, with filming and post-production split between individual directors and edit producers. What impact does this have on the quality of programmes and the careers and skills of directors? Directors UK hosts this session on the problems directors face and the future of the director’s role.

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Film-maker Carol Morley created a sensational event with her latest film, Dreams Of A Life, a docu-dramatic study of Joyce Vincent, who became a tabloid story in 2006 when she was discovered to have lain dead in her North London flat for almost three years. The film touched on issues like social breakdown, sexual politics, and everyone's fear of loneliness but found something to celebrate in the happiness Joyce had brought to her friends. This film re-ignited interest in her earlier work, particularly The Alcohol Years, in which she turned the spotlight on herself. Now Morley joins Guardian critic Peter Bradshaw onstage to talk about her work. Is she an investigative-poetic realist?
Direct download: Carol_Morley_2012.mp3
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Off screen, Britain’s institutions – from the NHS to the police - are increasingly facing a crisis of trust. Many have responded by inviting camera crews in to offer a closer insight into their inner workings resulting in hit shows such as Keeping Britain Alive, Britain Behind Bars and Coppers. Do such collaborations offer an important corrective to a cynical mistrust in institutions, or is there always a trade-off to be made by ‘embedded’ journalists for such access? Are they just free PR for a finely controlled ‘good news’ narrative, or a genuine commitment to transparency?

Direct download: Documenting_Institutions_2013.mp3
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Interviews are a major weapon in the filmmaker's armoury. But how, when and where should they be deployed, how do you prepare, and how can you get to what you really want - the truth? In this session, four of the best filmmakers in the business - Bart Layton, Vanessa Engle, Olly Lambert and Richard Macer - give expert insight into the skill of interviewing. Drawing on clips of their own work - as well as others they admire - the session will give an insight into the secrets behind how some of the best interviews in documentaries have been bagged. To do so the tables will be turned on our four panellists, giving us a chance to see them in action - live on stage. In this session they will be both interviewer AND interviewee. Each will interview another filmmaker before swapping seats and sitting in the hot seat themselves. The subject matter: how to conduct an interview, of course. But will they get to the truth?
Ever found yourself in the back of a cab hurriedly writing down questions on the way to the master interview? Ever sat in an edit and wished you'd ask the killer question which now seems so obvious? Listen and learn from the masters and these things will surely never happen again - or your money back.*

*not really.

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How much do filmmakers really get paid? Where does the money go? Who gets it? By examining the financial models for filmmaking in both North America and Europe, the panel will reveal just how films get financed and who gets the money. What are the differences between territories and who benefits the most. The panelists will reveal the real budgets, cost reports and financing deals on their projects in order to understand what works, and how we can all work together to improve the transparency and effectiveness of the documentary funding system globally, so that filmmakers are paid fairly.

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Nowadays, most filmmakers capture sound with on camera microphones. That’s great: it means just one person can make a film. But that leads to compromises. Whatever budget the Sheffield Inspiration Award winning Kim Longinotto (Sundance World Documentary Jury Prize for Rough Aunties 2008, Sheffield Doc/Fest Special Jury Award for Pink Saris 2010) has at her disposal, she always hires a sound recordist who is interested in doing observational documentary filmmaking. The results are consistently outstanding.
This in depth session explores the practicalities advantages and pitfalls of a shooter / director working with a recordist. What is the relationship between camera and sound? How to develop a silent rapport and a shorthand way of communicating? 
Direct download: Kim_Longinotto_2013.mp3
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In its 100-year history no British rider had won the world’s most demanding sporting event, the Tour De France. Until last year. Days later Bradley Wiggins also won gold at his home Olympics. Director John Dower had access to this extraordinary year. On Tour With Bradley Wiggins looks behind the scenes at how a film was made about a man who hates journalists and is a self-confessed loner who prefers the privacy of his own shed to company of others. How do you go about making an intimate portrait of a complex character, who is also an athlete in the midst of intense competition?
Direct download: Bradley_Wiggins_2013.mp3
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To celebrate ten years of the classic, award-winning genealogy series Who Do You Think You Are?, the show’s creator and Executive Producer, Alex Graham, will be joined on stage by a Director and a Producer from the show, and Larry Lamb, who has undergone the Who Do You Think You Are? experience.

Direct download: Who_Do_You_Think_You_Are_2013.mp3
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Join legendary film editor Walter Much in this fascinating masterclass covering his body of work, including his new feature documentary Particle Fever, which is screening at this year's Doc/Fest. Universally acknowledged as a master of picture editing and sound design, Murch has worked with, among others, director Francis Ford Coppola on such cinematic milestones as The Conversation, The Godfather I, II and III, and Apocalypse Now. From the point of view of someone who started working in theatrical features when computers were completely absent, to now 45 years later when they are omnipresent, Murch will explore the constants that nonetheless remain after the "bones" of celluloid and sprockets have dissolved away, and examine the salient technical, artistic, and philosophical differences between the post-production of a theatrical scripted film and a feature-length documentary.

Direct download: Walter_Murch_2013.mp3
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With a distinguished panel of leading documentary makers and commisioners, this year's Question Time will be tackling some of the biggest issues facing documentary making today. Is there any room left on the main TV channels for serious documentaries about deeply unpopular topics? Is the title and brand now everything? Has the 'Reality TV' bubble finally burst? With recent successes like the Armstrongs and Trawlermen, is there now a chance for a new kind of docu-soap? Are new media like YouTube and pod-casting really adding anything to the art of documentary? And if content is the only thing that matters in the digital future what opportunities does the digital age present?

Direct download: BBC_Q_Time.mp3
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We may shoot with the best of intentions, but sometimes the people we film are left vulnerable or feel very aggrieved. Yet in this media-savvy age, where people willingly offer their lives, families, children, bodies and pets to be filmed, don't the public know just what to expect? This session probes case histories and experiences to examine what should be our moral "duty of care" towards those who have agreed to take part in our films. Just when does the subject of our desire to document, explore or expose become a victim of the process?

Direct download: Trust_Me_1.mp3
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This is part 2 of a masterclass with Paul Watson from 2006, chaired by Alan Hayling.

Direct download: Paul_Watson_2.mp3
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Paul Watson's latest film is a searing, moving portrait of a hidden bit of Britain. But the film has a second purpose: it deconstructs the documentary-making decisions Paul has taken in the course of its making the film. In effect, the film is itself a documentary masterclass. In this session, Alan Hayling and Paul Watson look in detail at the scenes and characters Paul chose not to include in the film and the choices that finally shaped the completed documentary.

Direct download: Paul_Watson_1.mp3
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The BBC's Director of Television Jana Bennett is one of the corporation's most senior executives. She's been there through the beginnings of the digital age and now looks after all the BBC's television channels. She's worked abroad running The Learning Channel of Discovery and even received an OBE for services to science broadcasting. So she's a very big wheel, but what doe she think about documentary? Well her background in news, current affairs and latterly science programmes really does, in documentary terms at least, make her one of us. Anyone who knows her willI'm sure acknowledge her sharp mind and quick-wittedness when it comes to whether films are any good. And if anyone has seen the future in terms of audience taste and interest, its most likely to have been Jana. So what works and what doesn't? Where's the most exciting new talent? And what is the future for British documentary on television and beyond? From October, Jana Bennett is the BBC's Director of Vision and delegates at Docfest have a chance to hear about her plans first at this not to be missed Friday Night BBC Interview.

Direct download: Jana_Bennett.mp3
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What is the role of the documentary art form? How can filmmakers survive in warzones, when the 'dangerous' corners of the world are now everywhere? A free, open conversation, with illustrative clips and blogs. Recent civilian casualties in Lebanon, Israel, Gaza, Iraq and elsewhere insist that we ask what docmakers, citizens and broadcasters can do to prevent war and visualise real/reel peace? Clips of new and old films will be screened to spark active discussion with panelists and audience.

Direct download: 10_Docs_Against_War.mp3
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