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In 2018, the UK’s Ministry of Loneliness was installed to combat the issue of isolation. Generation Z has been singled out as ‘the loneliest generation’, with social media’s effects often receiving the blame. Chaired by mental health expert and academic Dr Chris Blackmore from the University of Sheffield, a panel of filmmakers from the 2019 programme, whose films explore the issue of loneliness in a hyper connected world, discuss this very modern phenomena and the complicated relationship between social media and feelings of loneliness.

The session was produced by Lena Nistch. 

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UK film policy is almost entirely geared towards fiction, while the unique challenges facing the documentary sector are overlooked. It’s high-time the UK had a bespoke policy framework to support its documentary makers. What kinds of interventions are needed? How should they be developed? This session invites panelists and audience members alike to collectively brainstorm demands to better meet the needs of theatrical docs. The session is part of ‘UK Feature Docs’, an AHRC-funded study of the UK’s feature-length film industry being undertaken at the University of West England, and led by Dr Steve Presence, who chairs the discussion. Findings of this study will be published on 11 June 2020. 

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