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This Sheffield Doc/Fest 2016 session explores the ways that filmmakers and artists are combining archive and new technologies to engage audiences across TV, cinema, VR, galleries and exhibition spaces, and what the future holds for film heritage. The panel was chaired by Rebekah Polding (BAFTA) and included Dr Stephen Smith (USC Shoah Foundation), Catherine Allen (Easter Rising: Voice of a Rebel) and Lindsey Hanlon (BBC). The session was supported by Creative Skillset. 

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Dr Stephen Smith’s keynote talk at the Alternate Realties Summit showcased New Dimensions in Testimony; ground-breaking natural language software that allows audiences to have a “virtual encounter” with the recorded image of Holocaust survivor, Pinchas Gutter, who responds in real time, powered by complex algorithms providing realistic conversation. Dr Smith discussed how he and his team compile the complex audio and visual data for this project, which will transform storytelling and archives of the future. 

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