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The director’s role is becoming more fragmented in some factual programmes. Programmes are increasingly made to conform to strict pre-set formats with less room for distinct and innovative authors’ voices, with filming and post-production split between individual directors and edit producers. What impact does this have on the quality of programmes and the careers and skills of directors? Directors UK hosts this session on the problems directors face and the future of the director’s role.

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Film-maker Carol Morley created a sensational event with her latest film, Dreams Of A Life, a docu-dramatic study of Joyce Vincent, who became a tabloid story in 2006 when she was discovered to have lain dead in her North London flat for almost three years. The film touched on issues like social breakdown, sexual politics, and everyone's fear of loneliness but found something to celebrate in the happiness Joyce had brought to her friends. This film re-ignited interest in her earlier work, particularly The Alcohol Years, in which she turned the spotlight on herself. Now Morley joins Guardian critic Peter Bradshaw onstage to talk about her work. Is she an investigative-poetic realist?
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