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In these strange times with "the media” under attack in the West, there’s an urgent need for trustworthy storytelling that responds to current events – and documentary filmmakers are increasingly a part of this. As news organisations invest more in video, many are drawing on documentary techniques - following the best of TV news. How are some of the big names in journalism combining the narrative demands of documentary with the need for balance, objectivity, and fairness? How do editors sourcing stories around the world make sure they aren’t commissioning “fake news”?

The session was chaired by Liz Mermin (Thomson Reuters Foundation) and featured Charlotte Cook (Field of Vision), Dorothy Byrne (Channel 4 News), David Alter (Economist Films) and Charlie Phillips (Guardian).

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A distinguished panel from the world of film, media and politics discuss the rise of populism, ‘echo chambers’ and question how open we all are to contrary points of view in today’s media. 

The session was chaired by William Horsley and the panel featured Charlene White (ITV News), Sara Ramsden (Channel 4), Trevor Phillips OBE, Martin Durkin and Jolyon Rubinstein. 

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