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Channel 4 pioneered the use of The Rig with The Family. Since then the technology has spawned many series from 24 Hours in A&E to One Born Every Minute and it’s now pushing into new territories such as The Marines. After having changed the way that we view many traditional observational documentary spaces, The Rig itself is now transforming. First the more mobile mini-rig used in The Chicken Shop and Nightclub Toilet and now the Digital Rig. Channel 4 commissioned RAW to take The Rig a step further and reflect our digital life - the thoughts and feelings that are captured on mobile phones and computer screens, but which don’t necessarily feature in real world conversations and interactions.

This gave rise to the ‘D-Rig’ which has been used to explore the connections and secret life of students and teens, effectively providing a whole different narrative and perspective on their lives. For 4 months the D-Rig captured every text, call, tweet and Facebook update of twelve students alongside traditional observational filming. This data was then used on screen to tell the complete story of the social network of students. In this session Dimitri Doganis and Emma Cooper discuss the vision for the D-Rig, the impact it had on the narrative (effectively providing two sets of rushes), the implications of using the data and the reaction of the contributors to seeing their digital lives.

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Roger Graef OBE has been a leading figure in the TV documentary industry over the last 50 years. As a director, producer and executive producer, he has been responsible for more than 160 documentaries, a number of which have directly influenced policing, criminal justice and social policy. His pioneering contributions include developing the fly-on-the-wall technique and creating the first TV documentary co-production in the UK. Introduced by Brian Woods, Roger Graef is in conversation with Robyn Bright discussing the last half-century of documentary filmmaking in Britain, explored through a chronological selection of Roger’s landmark films.

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This session, from Sheffield DocFest 2104, looks at fact-based drama (examples: Argo, Last King of Scotland, Rush) vs docudrama (Dreams of a Life, The Imposter, Muhammad Ali's Greatest Fight). With the new UK tax credit designed to encourage drama, comedy and documentaries, how can documentary makers take advantage of it? When does it make sense to look at filming your story as a docudrama or as a fact-based drama? When do the facts get in the way of a good drama and vice-versa? Speakers include Penny Woolcock, Neil McKay, Tony Grisoni and Leslie Lee.

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A masterclass on the craft of documentary filmmaking with BAFTA-winning filmmaker Olly Lambert who was awarded the Current Affairs award at the 2104 Arqiva British Academy Television Awards for his film Syria: Across The Lines. Olly has also been awarded the BAFTA Scotland Documentary Series Award for The Great Game with Rory Stewart. Seen as one of the most accomplished filmmakers in factual today, Olly makes films about ordinary people caught in extraordinary situations, thoughtfully portraying their worlds with care and an honest intimacy, and often using their stories to shed light on international current affairs. As recipient of the 2014 Peter McGhee Fellowship award, Olly has been honoured as a filmmaker whose work reflects excellence, intelligence, fairness and scholarship. Grierson, Rory Peck and RTS-winning speaker Olly shares insights into his filmmaking from the perspective of journalist, director and cinematographer.

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How are we treating the intimate subject of sex and sexuality on TV? As we increasingly push the boundaries of what we can show on television, are certain subjects still invisible, misrepresented or taboo? Questioning the necessity of being explicit or provocative, our expert panel of leading documentary commissioners and filmmakers look at the changing attitudes towards sex, and their role in shaping our understanding of human sexuality, in all its forms. From female sexuality, to young people, bisexuality, pornography addiction, and on to the elderly, who remind us they're not quietly tucked up in bed. The panel includs Greg Sanderson, Sunny Bergman, Barbara Truyen, Sara Ramsden and Anna Rodgers.

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