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Chidera Eggerue preaches her messages of self-love and body positivity to thousands on her blog, The Slumflower, and with hugely successful campaigns like #saggyboobsmatter. Her 2018 debut book, What a Time to be Alone, quickly became a top 10 best-seller and her second book, Scribble Yourself Feminist – a collaboration with illustrator Manjit Thapp – is an interactive and empowering journal addressing #everydaysexism. We welcomed Chidera to Doc/Fest for the first time, to discuss her campaigning work and early plans for her new documentary for Channel 4, which questions our homogenised ideals of beauty.

The session was chaired by the Guardian journalist Leah Green and featured both Chidera and documentary producer Lucy Pilkington (Milk & Honey).

Supported by Channel 4 and produced by Sarah El'Taki

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The Academy Award and multi BAFTA-winning filmmaker, Asif Kapadia, elevated the art of archive documentaries with Amy and Senna, films which were both critically acclaimed and box office hits. His latest film Diego Maradona, explores the life of one of the world’s most iconic sportsmen.

In conversation with Mariayah Kaderbhai, Head of Programmes at BAFTA, Asif discusses the making of Diego Maradona, as well as his other films and inspirations, his artistic process and his personal connection to his work

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Having cut his teeth on the investigative documentary strand World in Action, known for its forceful and unorthodox journalistic approach, Paul Greengrass has become one of the world’s most popular filmmakers. His films, which often explore real-world anxieties and confront both social and political issues, include 22 July, three of the Jason Bourne franchise, Captain Phillips, United 93 and Bloody Sunday. In conversation with journalist and broadcaster Danny Leigh at Doc/Fest 2019, Paul discusses his journey from TV documentaries in the UK to feature films in Hollywood, the evolution of his signature vérité-style, and his thoughts on the need to open up the film industry to less privileged and working class talent to ensure future creative diversity.

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Filmmaker and ‘cosmic archaeologist' Jenn Nkiru is one of the UK’s most exciting directors, with a unique and distinctive visual style. Her films are powerful explorations of black identity including commissions for Nowness, Frieze, Gucci and Channel 4.

She has also collaborated on projects with Beyonce, Jay-Z and Kamasi Washington, and was a founding curator of Boiler Room’s video platform 4:3, alongside Elijah Wood, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Peaches.

In this talk from Sheffield Doc/Fest 2019 Jenn talks to Amar Ediriwira, Boiler Room's Acquisitions Director and Film Curator, and head of its video platform 4:3. They discuss her work as an artist and filmmaker, including new archive-based short BLACK TO TECHNO, which explores the origins and impact of the Detroit techno scene.

Produced by Carmen Thompson.

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Arguably one of the greatest living filmmakers, who battled Klaus Kinski on the set of Aguirre, Wrath of God, dragged a ship over a hill for Fitzcarraldo and famously ate his own shoe on film after a losing bet, came to Doc/Fest 2019 to discuss his acclaimed career with broadcaster Edith Bowman.

Supported by BBC Arts

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We welcomed BAFTA-winning actor Vicky McClure, star of This is England (produced by Sheffield based Warp Films), as well as Line of Duty and Broadchurch, to Sheffield Doc/Fest for the first time in 2018, to discuss her new BBC series, Vicky McClure: My Dementia Choir, produced by Curve, a deeply personal journey to discover the extent of music's power to fight dementia. For the series, Nottingham born Vicky, who has close personal experience of dementia through caring for her grandmother, joined forces with the University of Nottingham to form a unique choir for one unforgettable performance. Vicky discusses the making of the programmes, her role with the Alzheimer's Society and the ambition to leave a lasting legacy in our understanding of how music therapy can help people with dementia. 

Supported by BBC

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Brian Reed (Host and co-creator of S-Town) and Richard Miron (Director/Producer of For the Birds) explore the real life mysteries and strange tales that inspired their work.

Chaired by Lyndon Saunders (University of Salford). This talk was part of the 2018 Doc/Fest Exchange: Head Space programme of special talks, films and activity, with a focus on mental health, supported by Wellcome.

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From the Syrian conflict to Black Lives Matter; now more than ever there is an urgency for stories told by less represented and authentic voices emerging from affected communities. Getting access to a community not your own, to spend a few days filming on the ground, is widely considered ‘extractive’ storytelling. Can extended integration with protagonists truly embed a filmmaker with their subject's experience? What does it take to tell an ‘authentic’ story?

A panel of filmmakers at Sheffield Doc/Fest 2018 share their own experiences of extractive vs authentic storytelling.

Chaired by Anca Dimofte (Frontline Club) with filmmakers Molly Dineen, Leon Oldstrong and Deeyah Khan. Filmed by Sheffield Hallam University students and edited by Matthew Sturdy (Cosmic Joke).

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Allegations against Harvey Weinstein and numerous others exposed a deeply troubling side to the film and TV industry.

Following the birth of the ground-breaking anti-sexual assault and women's empowerment movements #MeToo and #TimesUp, we debate how the industry is responding.

Chaired by Natasha Moore (Directors UK) with Tim Hunter (BAFTA), Jane Merkin, Billie JD Porter, Natasha Dack (Tigerlily) and Fiona Campbell (BBC). Supported by Directors UK

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One of our favourite talks from the 2018 festival: Charlotte Moore, Director of Content at the BBC, interviews public intellectual, feminist, author and television presenter Mary Beard.

In her trademark accessible style, Britain's best-known classicist discusses her broadcasting career as well as her most recent book, Women & Power: A Manifesto, hailed as a modern feminist classic. 

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In 2017 the Grenfell Tower tragedy shook the nation: claims of gross negligence, government cuts, and lack of political action angered communities, and the demand for justice and call for change began. For many the tragedy highlighted the deep divide in society, and a local story missed by the media elite disconnected from the ‘real world’. A panel of journalists, filmmakers and activists from Sheffield Doc/Fest 2018 discuss their own responses to disaster.

The panel is chaired by Siobhan Sinnerton (Channel 4) with Jonathan Rudd (Parable), Simon Hattenstone (Guardian) and Nendie Pinto-Duschinsky.

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Poverty in the UK is increasing for the first time in two decades. We are seeing more people struggling to make ends meet. Does television set out accurately the complexities of living in poverty, or too crudely as either a deserving economic victim or undeserving ‘scrounger’? How can we tell more accurate stories of poverty to skeptical audiences, for a fuller debate and actions?

A panel from Sheffield Doc/Fest 2018 debate these questions and more. Chaired by Poppy Noor (The Guardian) with the writer Jack Monroe, the filmmakers Mark Raphael and Daisy-May Hudson and Chief Executive of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Campbell Robb.

Supported by JRF and Guardian

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Britain's hottest young entrepreneur Jamal Edwards, founded YouTube-based SBTV in 2006 with a self-recorded grainy rap battle. Now hailed as one of the most important digital youth culture platforms, SBTV boasts over 950,000 subscribers and 600+ million views and has launched the careers of countless UK grime and hip-hop artists. On a mission to break the stigma around mental illness, Jamal talks to Jolyon Rubinstein (The Revolution Will Be Televised) about his influential career, his recent documentary exploring mental health and his future plans for SBTV and beyond.

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This interactive and probing session uses the experience of a psychologist to gain insight into the art of directing actuality, the portrayal of character and examine whether we can ever get too close to the subject in documentaries.

Moderated by Krishan Arora with Sean Mcallister, Bernadett Tuza-Ritter, Geoff Beattie and Stephen Arnott.

Part of the 2018 Craft Summit at Sheffield Doc/Fest presented by Documentary Campus.

Visit our website:

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