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Archive is an essential tool in the documentarians’ toolbox. In this masterclass from Sheffield Doc/Fest 2016 we hear from filmmakers from both film and television who have creatively used archive footage to tell their stories. Chaired by Katy McGahan from the BFI, the panel included Aaron Brookner (Director, Uncle Howard), Paul Bell (Archive Producer, Amy and Senna) and Simon Young (National Geographic). They discussed how archive can be used in storytelling, how to make archive footage resonate with an audience and explored the relationship between director and archive producer.

Supported by BAFTA and Creative Skillset.


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Doc/Fest and ITV were thrilled to welcome a true legend to the 2016 festival: Joanna Lumley OBE. The celebrated actor, documentarian and campaigner came to Sheffield to talk about her esteemed and exciting career in TV and film. Her documentary work has included epic journeys to discover diverse cultures and continents and intimate portraits of pop icons from Elvis to Born in Kashmir, Joanna began her professional life as a model, before moving into acting, including unforgettable performances in The Avengers and Absolutely Fabulous. In conversation with journalist and news reader Sir Alastair Stewart, Joanna discussed her experiences on films such as Joanna Lumley’s Trans-Siberian Adventure, the Northern Lights and Nile, as well her future documentary work.

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The film industry is notoriously difficult to break into. A panel  of emerging filmmakers and professionals including Alice Hughes, Phillip Wood, Magali Pettier, Daisy-May Hudson each have a story to tell as to how they did just this and give insight into the lifecycle of a film from development to distribution, and advice on how first time filmmakers get noticed and get their films seen. Chaired by Charlie Lyne.


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