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Children at Risk


In BBC2s Bafta- nominated series Protecting Our Children, unprecedented access took the viewer to the heart of the issues facing Britain’s social workers. But it also presented enormous challenges to the programme makers, as well as unusually at-risk contributors. So how did they do it, and what were the pitfalls along the way? Brian Woods, who has himself produced several award-winning films around vulnerable children, talks to the series producer Sacha Mirzoeff as well as contributor and social worker Ben Crang , and director of photography Petra Graf.

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Want to know how to engage with audiences and create a sustainable career with new distribution and marketing possibilities? Come to this workshop and take a leap into the core principles of a new system of artistic entrepreneurship for filmmakers. Discover principles of audience identification, engagement, and asset creation, learn about integrating audience engagement into the filmmaking process, and be empowered to embark on a re-configuration of film products – events, merchandise, digital and interactive/immersive, all geared toward maximizing your goals as a filmmaker.

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Morgan Spurlock: The Greatest Masterclass Ever Sold


This masterclass offers the exciting opportunity to hear from the Academy Award-nominated documentary director, Morgan Spurlock, who made the international hit film Super Size Me (2004). Spurlock is here fresh off the release of his latest feature, The Greatest Movie Ever Sold (2011), about the practice of product placement in mainstream Hollywood cinema today. Listen to the voice of one of the most successful documentary filmmakers of the last decade as he talks about his successes, his failures, and what it takes to make it in the documentary world. 

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New Sounds in Radio Documentary


A great radio documentary burrows into the mind of the listener, conjuring a new reality between their ears to focus, challenge, or even distort their perception of the wider world. Jeremy Hardy and a panel of key figures from the world of radio documentary take a journey through the vibrant landscape of audio storytelling.

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