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Alastair Fothergill's BBC TV series 'Planet Earth' was at the cutting edge of High Definition technology, following on from his award-winning 'Blue Planet' and its subsequent cinema version, 'Deep Blue'. This time though, as TV documentary moves ever closer to the big screen, a digital version of 'Planet Earth' was commissioned up front. Previewing some stunning HD material from the project, Alastair takes us through the problems, the pitfalls and the exciting cinematic possibilities of the world of HD production.

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Can direct-to-DVD, internet marketing and broadband provide a new way for documentary makers to reach their audience? The panel show how they have done it, how they plan to do it and debate the shape of the future.

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The Making of Joy Division

This year, Sheffield Doc/Fest opening with the stunning documentary 'Joy Divison'. This masterclass offers you a chance to come and hear from the filmmakers and the band members about the production process of the film. This session will include screening of clips from the film and discussions of the many challenges along the way in the making of the doc.

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Access All Areas Part 2

In the current climate television producers are clambering to go that one step further to gain access to stories that will win them a commission and guarantee a 'never seen before on TV experience'. But how much access does the audience really need or want? Trust issues have thrown filmmakers and their practices into the spotlight and under scrutiny. Access is granted through building relationships with contributors - how do you achieve the trust? At what point does this border on exploitation? From a commissioner's point of view how far will the broadcaster go to get that programme made - financially and morally? Legally when should the alarm bells ring - do you deal with issues at the beginning or throw caution to the wind and pick it up at the end?

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