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 How do filmmakers capture political struggles? What challenges do filmmakers face in making politically-committed documentaries? How can radical films connect with audiences? This session, from Sheffield Doc/Fest 2016 explores different approaches to political filmmaking taking place in the UK, Egypt and Greece, from video-activism and feature documentary to interactive formats and fiction/documentary hybrids. The session was chaired by Steve Presence and featured Shaun Dey, Aris Chatzistefanou, Alisa Lebow, Usayd Younis and Cassie Quarless. 

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A powerhouse in the documentary world, Sheila Nevins has shepherded scores of the genre’s best films over many years and, as President of HBO Documentaries, is one of the US’s most powerful documentary executives. Sheila talks with Nick Fraser about some of the many hits in a career that has garnered nearly thirty Emmy awards.

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It’s a golden age for theatrical documentaries with new forms of distribution and exhibition easing the way while audience appetites for watching documentaries on the big screen have never been stronger. This session, from Sheffield Doc/Fest 2016, focused on different avenues for getting theatrical documentaries funded and distributed. The session was chaired by Claire Aguilar and the expert panel included Simon Chinn (Red Box Films), Ollie Harbottle (Dogwoof), John Hoffman (Discovery), Kate Townsend (BBC Storyville) and Elizabeth Wood (Bertha DocHouse). 

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The harmony of photography and story has been the goal of professional cinematographers throughout cinema history. But how is the perfect marriage of image and narrative achieved and what choices do the director and cinematographer make to best visually express the story? A panel of distinguished documentary filmmakers discuss the creative and practical process and offer valuable insights into the dramatic choices directors and cinematographers make.

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Following the UK Premiere, the Notes on Blindness team shared insights on creating and distributing film and virtual reality together for the first time. From early conversations at Doc/Fest’s MeetMarket to touring the project across the UK, its creators, funders and distributors discuss the challenges in building a successful model for funding and touring cinema and VR together.

Supported by BFI Film Audience Network’s This Way Up fund.

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Following a kaleidoscope of strong personalities around the table in the 70s and 80s, the realm of snooker became a somewhat homogenised place following the introduction of corporate sponsorship and media training in the 1990s. Enter Ronnie O 'Sullivan - the some might say maverick, all would say phenomenally gifted player, he won 5 World Championship titles at Sheffield's Crucible Theatre and refused to fit in to the neat little box assigned to sports personalities. Not one to rest on his laurels, O'Sullivan continued to challenge himself professionally - teaching himself to play left handed and winning and personally - expressing an interest in religion and spirituality which led to many a raised eyebrow in the media. Never hiding the fact that he had come from an imperfect background and daring to be critical of the snooker world at large, Ronnie The Rocket has always been both an incredible player to watch and a fascinating public figure to follow in the modern world of sport. Sheffield Doc/Fest was delighted to welcome Ronnie back to The Crucible in a completely new way: talking with Guardian Journalist Simon Hattenstone, Ronnie revealed for the very first time the documentaries that have inspired him throughout his life and snooker career.

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Archive is an essential tool in the documentarians’ toolbox. In this masterclass from Sheffield Doc/Fest 2016 we hear from filmmakers from both film and television who have creatively used archive footage to tell their stories. Chaired by Katy McGahan from the BFI, the panel included Aaron Brookner (Director, Uncle Howard), Paul Bell (Archive Producer, Amy and Senna) and Simon Young (National Geographic). They discussed how archive can be used in storytelling, how to make archive footage resonate with an audience and explored the relationship between director and archive producer.

Supported by BAFTA and Creative Skillset.


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Doc/Fest and ITV were thrilled to welcome a true legend to the 2016 festival: Joanna Lumley OBE. The celebrated actor, documentarian and campaigner came to Sheffield to talk about her esteemed and exciting career in TV and film. Her documentary work has included epic journeys to discover diverse cultures and continents and intimate portraits of pop icons from Elvis to Born in Kashmir, Joanna began her professional life as a model, before moving into acting, including unforgettable performances in The Avengers and Absolutely Fabulous. In conversation with journalist and news reader Sir Alastair Stewart, Joanna discussed her experiences on films such as Joanna Lumley’s Trans-Siberian Adventure, the Northern Lights and Nile, as well her future documentary work.

Supported by ITV


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The film industry is notoriously difficult to break into. A panel  of emerging filmmakers and professionals including Alice Hughes, Phillip Wood, Magali Pettier, Daisy-May Hudson each have a story to tell as to how they did just this and give insight into the lifecycle of a film from development to distribution, and advice on how first time filmmakers get noticed and get their films seen. Chaired by Charlie Lyne.


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Broadcaster, actor, writer and director, Reggie Yates is one of TVs most exciting talents. His recent documentaries for BBC3: perceptive, thoughtful explorations of important issues, take in some of the world’s most divided societies. In conversation with Patrick Holland, Head of Documentaries at the BBC, Reggie discusses his career and share insights into future projects and ambitions.

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Sheffield Doc/Fest were absolutely thrilled to welcome world-renowned naturalist Sir David Attenborough to the Festival for the first time in 2016. Long established as the world’s leading natural history documentarian and presenter, Sir David’s long and celebrated career has also included the highest-level work off screen, as Controller of BBC2, and Director of Programmes across the BBC. He has been responsible for commissioning many innovative titles over the years, including the 13 part documentary television series The Ascent of Man. In 1966 he oversaw the introduction of colour television to Britain and in 1969 was responsible for clearing the BBC schedule for the moon landing.

Sir David discussed his long and illustrious career and talked about the future of television and media with Charlotte Moore, Controller of Channels and iPlayer for the BBC.

Supported by BBC


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As the BBC Charter Renewal moves into its final stages with a White Paper due soon and the possible privatisation of Channel 4 currently on the government’s agenda, the future of these public institutions is in doubt. A distinguished panel at Sheffield Doc/Fest debated the issues facing public service television including: the film producer and Labour Peer Lord David Puttnam; Ralph Lee from Channel 4; Hugh Harris from the Department for Culture, Media & Sport; and Patrick Holland from the BBC.

Supported by Sheffield Hallam University and the University of Sheffield.

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