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What happens when documentaries attract the attention of Hollywood? In 2014, some great British documentaries have crossed over to the movie business. Leading directors, producers and lawyers share their experiences. Havana Marking’s remarkable Smash and Grab: The Story of the Pink Panthers is now slated to be directed by Danny Boyle as a feature adaptation. Salma, the central contributor from Kim Longinotto’s acclaimed film of the same name, is doing a deal direct with a LA film producer for the rights to her story. And Peter Armstrong, Partner, Harbottle and Lewis has done several complex movie deals on high profile life story titles including Wikileaks, Julian Assange. We hear gripping accounts of the process and also discuss the ethics and rights when selling ‘real life’. Do documentaries and feature films make easy bed fellows…or is it a minefield?

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Chair of Arts Council England and TV innovator, Peter Bazalgette, has championed the importance of the arts to all sections of society, regardless of platform or geographical location, defending public funding of arts and culture for all.

In this session, Peter is interviewed by Anna Higgs, head of Film4.0, who asks him about where film and digital fit into ACE’s plans – in a cross-platform age, how do the traditional boundaries between art forms stand up? What’s the future for interactive and digital arts?

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Lee Kern brings his one-stop workshop designed to make even the most mediocre filmmakers a force to be reckoned with in the world of independent documentary filmmaking. How to crap on your peers, how to make your subjects cry on camera and then ditch them when you’ve finished – everything you need to know in order to make it to the top is here in this masterclass. You too can become king of the documentary crap heap!

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Motivator in Chief: Colin Young


Question: What connects Nick Broomfield, Joan Churchill, Kim Longinotto, Molly Dineen, and Sean McAllister to name only a handful? Answer: They were all set on their journey by the man who founded the National Film & Television School- Colin Young. This session explores Colin Young’s influence on this inspirational generation of filmmakers. What will he do to inspire the next? Messrs Churchill, Dineen, Longinotto, McAllister and Broomfield will encourage The Great Motivator to reveal his secrets. What manifesto would he propose to young filmmakers now? 

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