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Matthew Heineman, the BAFTA- and Oscar- nominated director, is one of the most exciting documentary filmmakers working today. His films City of Ghosts and Cartel Land offered searing comment on the fight against ISIS and the war on drugs. In conversation with Mariayah Kaderbhai (BAFTA) Matthew discusses these films and his latest documentary series The Trade depicting the US heroin epidemic. Supported by BAFTA.

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Are we entering a new "Golden Age" for feature documentary? Will new funding sources create a flurry of blockbuster features, or is cinema exhibition inexorably declining as audiences ‘Netflix and chill’? The rising power of SVOD platforms opens up new audiences and revenue streams, but may also be skewing the market towards over-long, sensational documentaries based on profit algorithms. A panel explore who's got the money and whether today's market prioritises “Films that do Well" over “Films that do Good.”


Chaired by Rajesh Thind with Kim Christiansen (Danish Broadcasting Corporation), Mandy Chang (BBC Storyville), Elhum Shakerifar (producer) and Lisa Marie Russo (Doc Society)

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