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Highlighting their priorities, leading commissioners talk about forthcoming commissioning opportunities as they take part in Doc/Fest's version of Question Time. Commenting on recent successes, they discuss the changing landscape, the renewed focus on diversity and how producers can keep innovating for their channels. With a spotlight on relationships and with audience questions throughout, this is your chance to really get to know some of the UK’s most prolific commissioners. The session is chaired by David Glover (72 Films) and features Jo Clinton-Davis (ITV), Daniel Horan (Channel 4), Clare Sillery (BBC) and Guy Davies (C4). It was produced by the team at Hey Sonny Films.

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Pursuing a career in Film or TV can be a daunting experience, and in the early stages of doing so it’s easy to feel that those around us find success with impossible ease. A panel of Film and TV professionals explore the highs and lows of their own journeys into the industry, offering insights from their experiences and discuss overcoming the obstacles and creating the opportunities that brought them to where they are today. Supported by BAFTA Chaired by Emma Morgan (Firecracker) with Ellie Flynn, Lizzie Kempton and Eliza Capai. The session was produced by Oriana Franceschi.

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