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Recorded at Doc/Fest 2011. The mass media of the past century have been restrictive by nature, with audiences confined to a passive role- but that has now completely changed. The inclusive nature of the Internet invites open participation amongst storytellers and audiences alike, and that means putting the audience right and the centre of the action in a game-like fashion. Storytellers of every stripe will now have to learn a new grammar of storytelling, one that is only now being invented. The challenge for those working within the media industry is to keep up with these changes- and the question becomes, how can storytellers use the new possibilities at their disposal to their advantage? 


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What does it take to be a successful indie? How to stay around long term? Come and hear from some different companies. KEO Films, Storyvault Films and Century Films work mainly in the UK and World of Wonder works mainly in the USA> All have been making prime time TV for years and have chosen to remain independent rather than get bought by a super indie. What are the pros and cons of not selling to a studio or a super indie? Hear how they stay alive and thrive in today's landscape. From Doc/Fest 2014.

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Join film legend Albert Maysles of Maysles Films in a conversation featuring selections from his unsurpassed body of work, which spans over 55 years of filmmaking. This masterclass is from Doc/Fest 2011. The inaugural recipient of The Sheffield Docfest Lifetime Achievement Award will take questions about his iconic work — from Gimme Shelter and Grey Gardens to Muhammad and Larry and current projects — and share his philosophy as a documentary filmmaker. He was the guest of honor at the Friday Night Gala Dinner.

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Join legendary journalist and presenter Jon Snow for this Conversation session from Doc/Fest 2014. Jon will discuss his extensive career in television and share some highlights with the audience. 


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