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Newsnight has been the BBC’s flagship news and current affairs programme for over 30 years. Newsnight Editor, Ian Katz, joined the programme in 2013, before which he was Deputy Editor and Head of News at the Guardian newspaper. In conversation with Nick Fraser, Ian will discuss Newsnight’s introduction of a short form documentary element to the programme and the relationship between nightly current affairs, short form content and documentary.

With speakers Ian Katz and Nick Fraser. 

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Climate change is one of the major issues of our time. But covering it on TV is a huge creative challenge. Broadcasters are keen to give it more air time, but they want producers to find a fresh approach. In this session we explore how climate change can be reframed, so that it is seen not just as an environmental issue but one which affects all aspects of life. Sponsored by IBT

With speakers Joe Smith, Emily Shuckburgh, David Glover, Cassian Harrison and Mark Galloway. 

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