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Brilliant Creatures: The Rebels of Oz with Germaine Greer

Brilliant Creatures: The Rebels of Oz with Germaine Greer

In the new BBC FOUR series produced in conjunction with Australia's ABC, 'Brilliant Creatures', Howard Jacobson charts the story of how, in the 1960's, four intellectual powerhouses 

Germaine Greer, Clive James, Barrie Humphries and Robert Hughes - emerged from down under and took the world by storm. After this screening of the first episode, Germaine Greer, in conversation with Howard Jacobson, recounts her own part in the tale, and her extraordinary career since.

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Award-winning broadcaster Melvyn Bragg gives his take on the role of the arts on television, and shows us some clips of his favourite television moments of all time. 
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Join BAFTA to hear from the team behind the extraordinary Frozen Planet, BBC 1’s natural history epic. Taking viewers on a captivating journey to one of the most remote parts of the world and nominated for five British Academy Television Craft Awards in 2012, Frozen Planet used cutting edge technology to capture planet’s harshest terrain, bringing to life the ultimate portrait of Earth’s polar regions.

Filmmakers Dan Rees, (Producer/Director “The Last Frontier” and “On Thin Ice”, Cameraman Doug Allen and Elizabeth White (Assistant Producer/Director) will deliver this behind the scenes session on the making of Frozen Planet.

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