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Throughout the year, Doc/Fest has been holding a series of Interactive Filmmaking Workshops around England, supported by Creative England and in partnership with Crossover Labs. These workshops have been investigating six different interactive storytelling platforms; Klynt, Racontr, Korsakow, Popcorn, Interlude Treehouse and Storygami. Reporter Gemma McKinnie will deliver the final verdict on each platform, and will be joined by a panel to discuss the pros and cons of each tool. Supported by Creative England

With speakers Gemma McKinnie, Clare Tavernor, Florian Thalhofer, Maria Gemayel, Gerald Holubowicz and Philo van Kemenade. 

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The relationship between filmmaker and subject is a topic hotly debated by filmmakers, academics, and journalists. Methods such as undercover filming, encrypted communication and Skype allow filmmakers to reach individuals who may otherwise be reluctant to speak or difficult to meet in-person. However, unprecedented access to a compelling story can come with a risk to the individuals at the centre of the film. When the telling of a story has potential consequences, how can a filmmaker ensure the protection of their subjects? The panel members discuss circumstances in which the presence of a camera can be risky business.

With speakers Orlando Von Einsiedel, Juliana Ruhfus, Beadie Finzi and Kim Longinotto. 

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A panel discussion on the options available to filmmakers to create an impactful documentary score. We look back on how documentary scoring has evolved over the last 90 years. Have MIDI technologies and electronic plug-ins replaced the need to spend the time and money recording live musicians? Has technology given us more expressive and creative possibilities to storytell with sound in different ways? We will hear audio examples to see who can really tell the difference? The session will inform filmmakers and producers on the realistic options available, and give leading composers a chance to discuss which tools, money and direction they need from you to best perfect your score.


With speakers Kate Townsend, Ed Perkins, Patrick Jonsson, Brendan Woithe and Orlando Von Eiseiedel. 

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A panel of doc filmmakers explored the art of cinematography in documentary filmmaking. They will discuss the creative and practical benefits cinematographers bring to the documentary filmmaking process and how best to visually express the story and about collaboration between producer, director, cinematographer and editor. 

With speakers Stephen Robinson, Brian Woods, Joanna Crickmay, Neil Harvey, Anthony Wonke, Nicola Daley and Vanessa Engle. 

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In a career spanning 20 years, Dan Reed has established a reputation as one of the most dedicated and talented filmmakers working in Britain today. The award-winning The Paedophile Hunter is widely hailed as the best single documentary of 2014. His acclaimed Terror trilogy uses UGC, CCTV and interviews to powerful effect, depicting acts of terror in seemingly real-time as they erupt across everyday settings. His latest film, The Escorts, screening at Doc/ Fest, takes viewers into the world of high class prostitution; he is also working on a film about money laundering and grand corruption in London. Channel 4’s Deputy Chief Creative Officer Ralph Lee was in conversation with Dan Reed about his body of work exploring the darker reaches of our modern lives.

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