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In today’s complex distribution landscape, the possibilities for releasing documentaries can go far beyond a single broadcast window. Join a panel of leading distributors to explore how we can work together to make the most out of our movies, including DVD, online, mobile formats, theatrical, and grassroots distribution. How is the new multi-platform, globalized media-scape impacting our potential reach? In a networked age, what is the changing role of the filmmaker, and those on the distribution end? How do we negotiate rights with all these new formats? And just how well is my movie going to play on an iPhone?

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Molly Dineen, one of Britain’s most acclaimed documentary filmmakers, is known for her intimate and probing portraits of British individuals and institutions – ranging from her debut film, Home from the Hill (1987), which made a star of its protagonist Colonel Hilary Hook to the BAFTA-winning Lie of the Land (2007), which explores the harsh realities of life as a British farmer. In this session, Molly will share over 20 years of experience in making documentaries; discussing, among other things, how her style and approach have developed and explaining why she’s not a ‘fly-on-the-wall’.

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