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In 2018, socio-economic inequality in the television and film industry became National news, when the Panic! report revealed that the industry was becoming less welcoming to talent from working class backgrounds. Much lip-service was paid to improving access in the months that followed, but what has really changed in a year? Our panel of filmmakers and commissioners discuss their experiences of making it in the industry without connections, a trust fund or private school education.

Chaired by journalist and broadcaster Danny Leigh with Fiona Campbell (Controller of BBC3), filmmakers Paul Sng, Billie Porter and Victoria Musguin-Rowe, and journalist Kieren Yates.

The session was produced by Victoria Musguin-Rowe.

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Since forming the seminal hip-hop group London Posse in 1987, Rodney P has been widely regarded as the Godfather of British hip-hop, and has collaborated with a diverse range of artists including Omar, Roni Size, Nitin Sawhney and Björk.

More recently Rodney has authored a number of documentaries exploring both British and global music culture, including The Hip Hop World News, The Last Pirates – Britain’s Rebel DJs and Bass, Beats and Bars - The Story of Grime, offering an alternative historical perspective to recent music phenomena.

Rodney, along with Creative Director Jaimie D'Cruz (Acme Films), talks to Lawrence Lartey (Creative Director of the CreativeLab at Ravensbourne University) about his musical and documentary career and future plans.

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In twenty years of directing documentaries for Channel 4 and the BBC, Paddy Wivell has made a name for himself for the seemingly effortless and compassionate way he connects with his subjects, from African tribes to Orthodox Jews and psychiatric inpatients in Bafta award-winning Bedlam. Described by The Times as “a filmmaker of such exceptional talent, so gifted and unassuming, that you scarcely notice how accomplished he is”, Paddy creates a warmth and intimacy with all his contributors, a skill on display in his double BAFTA nominated three-parter for Channel 4, Prison. Paddy embeds himself on the wings and landings of HMP Durham to capture up close the lives of inmates doing battle with a skeleton staff struggling to cope a with constantly revolving population of over 1000 men.

Paddy talks to Simon Dickson, Creative Director and Co-founder at Label 1, about the films that have shaped his career and his uniquely personal style.

Supported by Channel 4

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