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How do you turn great stories into extraordinary films? And do you have to abuse your subjects to make your stories more powerful? This BBC Academy masterclass in ethics is a remarkable opportunity to challenge world-class documentary makers on their ethics. Roger Graef of Films of Record leads, and Brian Woods chairs as we unpick the making of Graef’s work, including Films of Record’s Bafta nominated Great Ormond Street series to discover how ethical dilemmas handled thoughtfully actually improved life at the hospital. Through this prism we examine dilemmas in work going back decades to explore how ethics are tested to deliver award-winning documentary. 
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Selling your film on the international market is difficult enough without having to spend an additional £3-8k to reversion it because the music and archive isn’t cleared for world wide all media. Our panel brings leading international distributor Zodiak Rights and Getty Archive together to walk you through the process of acquiring a film and getting it ready for international sales.

Producers who are looking to exploit their films beyond the borders of UK broadcasters will benefit greatly from a session that shows how to shoot for the world wide market. 

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Award winning film maker and director of the ground-breaking 'Up' series, Michael Apted talks about his career in both documentary making and feature films. 

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