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The factual TV sector has many entrepreneurial producers but there are very few creative producers in the UK and further afield who produce feature length docs with worldwide ambitions. Lots of filmmakers produce their own work - is this through choice or because they can't find someone to collaborate with? Is it due to a skills gap or a lack of interest in becoming a producer? Is there a lack of knowledge about what producers actually do (apart from trying to raise money!) and how people might get training and mentorship to learn. 

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Sheffield legend Michael Palin joins Miranda Sawyer at this unique chance to hear the English comedian, actor, writer and television presenter discuss his documentary journeys to all corners of the earth. What makes Michael’s documentaries so distinctive? What inspires him? And what does he hope his audiences get out of the programmes? Hear about what happens behind the scenes and how he prepares for the often dangerous adventures and unexpected situations. The audience will be invited to ask questions and join the conversation.
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