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How vital to the DNA of modern television is the documentary? The BBC currently produces more factual programmes and documentaries than any other broadcaster in the world, yet Mark Thompson, the new Director General of the BBC, has cut budgets for indies and in-house alike and announced fifty per cent cuts in the BBC Documentary Department. So what does he think about the modern documentary? Mark Thompson will select those films that he thinks best illustrate television's changing relationship with the documentary form and reveal what they say to him and the present, the past and the future of the genre.

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We are honoured that this year's Channel 4 Interview is with Michael Moore, the celebrated American film maker, Moore has applied his unconventional approach to documentary films since his famous debut Roger and Me. Stuart Cosgrove, head of Programmes, Nations and Regions, Channel4, discusses with him his past work, his creative approach to storytelling and his latest projects. 

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How far can you go before you’ve crossed the line, broken the code and made yourself the next poster-boy of TV fakery? In this interactive masterclass More4 chief Peter Dale and Channel 4's legal guru Prash Naik bring together a panel of producers and broadcasters to examine both clear-cut cases or wrong doing and the dilemmas from the grey area. With producers caricatured as reckless and broadcasters caricatured as arse-coveres we put both parties to the test. The masterclass will reveal lessons for all - production teams and commissioner alike. 

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