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In the current climate television producers are clambering to go that one step further to gain access to stories that will win them a commission and guarantee a 'never seen before on TV experience'. But how much access does the audience really need or want? Trust issues have thrown filmmakers and their practices into the spotlight and under scrutiny. Access is granted through building relationships with contributors - how do you achieve the trust? At what point does this border on exploitation? From a commissioner's point of view how far will the broadcaster go to get that programme made - financially and morally? Legally when should the alarm bells ring - do you deal with issues at the beginning or throw caution to the wind and pick it up at the end?

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Lee Kern Masterclass on How to be a TV Whore

Filmmaker Lee Kern gives a Powerpoint presentation and hands-on seminar in how to be a TV whore, featuring:- How to look over shoulders of people you're talking to, to find someone more important, - How to pitch to a commissioner whilst in the toilet, -How to get to the party where all the "good ones" are, - How to stalk your prey, - & How to fight off other hopefuls from encroaching on your conversation with someone powerful.

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The BBC Interview: Richard Klein

Who needs documentaries? Richard Klein, television's favourite Commissioning Editor, poses a provocative question. Why on earth do we still have documentaries? The forces ranged against them are many. Poleaxed by new technology, pounded by ever mutating forms of factual entertainment and pulverised by the obsession with ratings, surely the documentary should be down and out by now? And to cap all that there's precious little money to be made. So why do we still need them and why do people make them? In a speech that takes in the films he loves and hates, the redemptive power of truth versus the corrosive power of sentimentality and why real life is always stranger and more interesting than fiction, Richard Klein searches for the answers.

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Ross Kemp: On the Front Line

Following on from their BAFTA win the 'Ross Kemp on Gangs' team explain the inspiration behind the series which explores a subject that has become part of everyday life. Ross will also talk about how he's moved from drama to factual and his toughest production yet, 'Ross Kemp in Afghanistan'. In addition to the 'nuts and bolts' of making the programmes the panel will explore the genre of the personality- led documentary, what makes it successful and why broadcasters want more.

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Internationally renowned writer and commentator on popular culture Steven Johnson will highlight some of the challenges for producers of film, TV, games and new media trying to reach new audiences on new platforms. He will look at tools they can use and how they should respond to the demands of ever more 'digitally literatre' users and viewers, exploring new types of content and new business models in an increasingly fragmented media landscape.

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