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Louis Theroux: Changing face of factual and presenter led programming

Since first appearing on screen as a correspondent for Michael Moore's TV Nation in the early 90's, Louis Theroux's compelling documentaries about marginal subcultures have gained him cult status with viewers obsessed with his 'Alan Wicker school of thought'...ask a question, keep quiet and see what happens. In this masterclass, BAFTA winning Theroux will screen clips and discuss many behind the scenes stories of making his docs. A chance to hear about Theroux's unique techniques and interviewing style with much time for your questions too!

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Nick Broomfield Masterclass

Over the past twenty-five years Nick Broomfield has established himself as Britain's best known and most accomplished documentary filmmaker. Beginning his career by looking at the plight of working class communities in Liverpool, he has subsequently pursued on camera and in his own inimitable style the likes of South African supremacist Eugene Terre Blanche, comedienne Lily Tomlin, Margret Thatcher and rock star Courtney Love. Recently moving into what Broomfield terms "real cinema" with 'Ghosts' and 'Battle for Haditha', the session will feature Broomfield talking about his life, his work and his inspirations with Jason Wood.

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The Art Of The Science Documentary

Following the Appreciative Enquiry session, come hear the insights from the morning discussions. From genetics to geriatrics, science is racing ahead. But are science documentaries keeping pace? Scientists and documentary makers both want to explore, understand and explain the world around them. Both sides strive for truth, relevance and integrity in their work. So why, when we put the practical process of making science documentaries under the microscope, do we find that the values of the two sides can come into conflict, to the detriment of both the films and the public's understanding? This session explores what makes a good relationship between commissioner, filmmaker and scientist and why it is so important to do so. Participants of the Appreciative Enquiry Workshop will join the panel.

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