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It’s a golden age for theatrical documentaries with new forms of distribution and exhibition easing the way while audience appetites for watching documentaries on the big screen have never been stronger. This session, from Sheffield Doc/Fest 2016, focused on different avenues for getting theatrical documentaries funded and distributed. The session was chaired by Claire Aguilar and the expert panel included Simon Chinn (Red Box Films), Ollie Harbottle (Dogwoof), John Hoffman (Discovery), Kate Townsend (BBC Storyville) and Elizabeth Wood (Bertha DocHouse). 

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The harmony of photography and story has been the goal of professional cinematographers throughout cinema history. But how is the perfect marriage of image and narrative achieved and what choices do the director and cinematographer make to best visually express the story? A panel of distinguished documentary filmmakers discuss the creative and practical process and offer valuable insights into the dramatic choices directors and cinematographers make.

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