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So you’ve got brilliant, hard-won access, now what? With fiercer competition for audiences, it’s what you do with that access that’s all important. We explore the ingredients needed for a hit series – from the inspiration behind the idea, to innovative approaches to storytelling. What are the secrets of turning access into a returnable brand, delivering compelling stories across platforms and pulling in the ever-elusive young audience?

Chaired by Mobeen Azhar with Colin Barr (Expectation), David Hodgkinson (Blast Films), Clare Sillery (BBC), Sophie Leonard (Minnow) and Nick Hornby (Optomen).

The session was produced by Catriona White (BBC) and Max Gogarty (BBC) and supported by the BBC

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This session from Doc/Fest 2019 explores the resurgence of archive and testimony in history filmmaking, with a panel of producers and contributors from some of the BBC’s most successful projects. The panellists discuss the opportunities afforded by the interplay between archive and testimony; why this mode of storytelling is back in full force and the ethical lines in films of this kind.

Chaired by Tom McDonald (BBC) with David Glover (72 Films), Liza Williams (Wall to Wall), Steve Condi (exec producer) and Mat Bickley (contrib.Stephen: The Murder that Changed a Nation).

The session was produced by Nancy Bornat (Wall to Wall) and was supported by the BBC.

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