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In 2017 the Grenfell Tower tragedy shook the nation: claims of gross negligence, government cuts, and lack of political action angered communities, and the demand for justice and call for change began. For many the tragedy highlighted the deep divide in society, and a local story missed by the media elite disconnected from the ‘real world’. A panel of journalists, filmmakers and activists from Sheffield Doc/Fest 2018 discuss their own responses to disaster.

The panel is chaired by Siobhan Sinnerton (Channel 4) with Jonathan Rudd (Parable), Simon Hattenstone (Guardian) and Nendie Pinto-Duschinsky.

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Poverty in the UK is increasing for the first time in two decades. We are seeing more people struggling to make ends meet. Does television set out accurately the complexities of living in poverty, or too crudely as either a deserving economic victim or undeserving ‘scrounger’? How can we tell more accurate stories of poverty to skeptical audiences, for a fuller debate and actions?

A panel from Sheffield Doc/Fest 2018 debate these questions and more. Chaired by Poppy Noor (The Guardian) with the writer Jack Monroe, the filmmakers Mark Raphael and Daisy-May Hudson and Chief Executive of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Campbell Robb.

Supported by JRF and Guardian

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