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Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell, stars of ITV's hit documentary series Long Lost Family, came to Sheffield to share their insights into the making of a programme that delivers some of the most emotionally powerful scenes ever seen on television. The series, which aims to reunite relatives after years of separation, is a powerful study of separation, hurt, regret, growing up, identity, family and love.

With Sally Benton, Leanne Klein, Davina McCall, Simon Dickson and Nicky Campbell. 

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How To Change The World has been wowing audiences at film festivals around the world. Here we joined producer Al Morrow, director Jerry Rothwell, editor Jim Scott and archive producer Elizabeth Klinck for a film archive masterclass.

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Filmmakers around the world are facing grave consequences for expressing their creative viewpoint. Broadcasters are being pressured into delaying or cancelling the transmission of documentaries. Hostile nations are rumoured to have carried out cyber attacks following unfavourable portrayal. Are the potential risks to filmmakers and broadcasters outweighing the importance of a story? Is institutional self-censorship hindering vital stories being told? Does everyone have the right to a voice? We’ll hear from those who’ve been censored and those who’ve broken laws to tell their story. Our panel of noted filmmakers, broadcasters and journalists assess what freedom of expression represents in documentary filmmaking.

With Ursula Macfarlane, Patricia MacBride, Parvez Sharma and Nick Fraser

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It might be 2015, but when it comes to gender equality, we are only just emerging from the dark ages. In this session, we discussed the challenges facing women trying to forge a career in the independent documentary industry. While there are certainly glimmers of hope –a record number of women directors are featured at Doc/Fest this year – we can’t lose sight of the fact that this remains a male dominated world – as we looked for ways to redress the balance.

With Cat Cooper, Corrina Antrobus, Leslee Udwin, Jeanie Finlay and Debra Zimmerm

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