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In recent times PACT has successfully fought hard for changes in new media rights and new terms of trade. This panel unpacks the details of the deals and looks at the impact these changes have had on producers and documentary makers in the UK. In this changing production environment are the conditions going to continue to favour the super-indies or will the micro-companies also flourish alongside them? Is the answer to look to international funding and production partners? Will creating niche programming in a global market be the way forward? In the new media climate, is the playing field levelled or will the gap between the super-indie and the micro continue to grow? Should market-forces be allowed to sort it out for us? 

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With films like 'Burma VJ' using footage from high street cameras and mobile phones, and the wealth of films and documentary initiatives arming people with cameras rather than guns, there seems to be a dawning of a new age of citizen journalism which can result in films and footage reaching a mass audience. This session looks at the way in which both citizens and local filmmakers around the world can contribute to documentarying issues that previously were left to the Western filmmakers. 

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The Channel 4 Interviewee for 2006 is Stephen Lambert, one of the iconic figures of modern British documentary - a lightning rod for praise and criticism alike. Few figures elicit such strong reactions. For some, he represents the selling of the soul of documentary to business. For others, he is the most inventive and creative figure working in documentaries over the past fifteen years. After Wife Swap first aired The Guardian wondered whether the ITC should simply switch off the Channel 4 transmitter and The Telegraph called it an "abuse of TV's Godlike power". At the same time his work has been lauded both in Britain and abroad "as truly groundbreaking" and showered with awards. Today Stephen Lambert is the Chief Creative Officer of the RDF Media Group where he has been responsible for Faking It and Wife Swap among many others. Before joining RDF, documentaries department, where he produced and directed many films for 40 Minutes and the Inside Story strand. He then became the Modern Times documentary strand, which he ran for four years. What cannot be denied is his central influence on the shape of the modern documentary on television - an influence which the Channel 4 interview will provide a unique opportunity to explore. 

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This masterclass celebrates the work of brilliant cameraman Paul Otter. In a career of spectacular work on award-winning films like The House, The Last Peasants with Angus Macqueen; The Lost Boys and Pimp Snooky with Clive Gordon; Tsunami - Six Hours on Boxing Day and the film he is presently making with Kevin Sim, Paul has held on to the values of collaboration and complete immersion in the subject, which are of immense value to future filmmakers. He will take us on his journey helped along by examples of his work. 

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